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MW0PLA/P: GW/MW-001 5th January 2019

Hi all
My first visit to GW/MW-001, I managed my ascent in an hour. Maybe a little too fast but enjoyable. I set up my Sotabeams linked dipole 40/30/20m and then realised no 3G or 4G on my phone. Not a good start I thought, so I started calling CQ on 30m and bagged my first contact of the day with SA4BLM. My CW is not great still working on it, I had a further two qso’s with problems as other stations had also started using the same frequency. Really sorry for chasers trying hard to get through to me.
I then tried 20m cw and ssb but nothing doing there. I was getting worried so went to 2M fm and managed to qualify the summit. I was told there was a lift on 2M so decided to turn my beam horizontal and try 2M ssb.
Wow I was amazed with 5 qso’s to France, 1 to Spain, 2 into Ireland and 1 to Scotland.
Then decided on going back to 2M fm and managed 4 S2S’s. MW0XOT/P John on GW/MW-004, MW0XRT/P David on GW/NW-046, GW4TJC/P Simon on GW/NW-019 and MW0ZAQ/P Chas on GW/NW-053.
A good mornings work in the end.
Thank you to all other activators and chasers.



Hi Paul

Well done Paul. Sorry I was not around today to call you. EE can be iffy on MW-001as I found out a week or so ago. What route did you take?

73 Allan GW4VPX

Hi Allan
I think the way you usually take and down the fence line.

Here is a link to my blog if you would like to take a look and maybe comment.

73 Paul M0PLA

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Hi Paul. Sorry for the belated reply but I’ve been in the Aberystwyth ARS annual radio junk sale. I’ve been decluttering but nobody wanted to buy much…couldn’t give some of it away…vist to the local council tip now I think :frowning:

Yes, fine on your routes. That’s the way I usually do it…in fine weathet there is a faint ‘track’ to the forestry but it’s better to stick to the fence in foggy conditions. Catch you soon.

73 Allan

Hi Paul,
Thanks for the QSO!
It was a really long QSO, about 10 minutes I think :grinning:
Don’t worry, your CW is good!
Just keep on keying!
I hope to catch you soon on CW :sunglasses:

73, Mario DJ2MX (9A4MX,NØMX,E73DX)