MW0IML welcome to the CW fraternity Barry

Today I had the pleasure of working Barry on his first CW activation and even though we were on CW I truly believe I could hear his knees knocking - hi hi !

Well done Barry, it gets easier from here on ( I think).


Victor GI4ONL

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I think Barry may inspire me to pull my finger/thumb out as regards CW!

Mike G6TUH

Progress in the mode gets a lot faster once you’ve taken the activation plunge. Enjoy.


It certainly does, Well done Barry, sorry I missed you on NW-044 but very happy to catch you hand-held only on NW-051 :slight_smile:

Keep up the CW, it only gets easier from now on.

Best 73,

Mark G0VOF

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Barry chased me on Beinne na Sroine or Dumglow last week or the week before, can’t remember which. I thought he sounded “proper bo” as Craig David would say.

Of course as a beginner to Morse, chasing is easy, you just need enough bottle to call in and maybe work the activator. Calling CQ from a summit is the acid test. You call CQ and there’s a pileup of eager chasers. Very well done Barry on having a go.

As Tom said, enjoy.


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Well done Barry. Will look forward to hearing you on cw.



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Sorry for delay - internet down in the Nantlle Valley (BT) over the last 24 hours.

Thanks for post Victor and for your encouragement over the last few weeks. Also for prompting me yesterday to actually take the plunge. I probably would have wimped out without you.

Knees Knocking - the whole hill was shaking! But, at least that first time is out of the way now.

My first ever CW contact was chasing Tom a few weeks back, followed by you Victor and then Andy and now a whole Shed (Shack?) full of CW contacts in the log.

I look forward to that first CW contact from a hill soon Mike. If I can do it…

Thanks again to Victor, Tom, Andy, Mark, Rob and Mike for your very positive comments - catch you all again soon.


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Well done Barry.

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Best move forward Barry, nice one keep it going, CW is a great tool to have in the box.

Steve… MW0BBU.