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MW0IDX/P GW/NW-010 today

I must be getting old! I really struggled with logging on my IPhone today. Couldn’t read what I was doing and too lazy to get my pencil and logging book out of the bottom of my rucksack. Must take my reading glasses next time! Visibility was down to about 50 yards with brisk winds on the summit. Thanks for the contacts, and sorry for the many repeats! if anyone spots their callsign incorrect in the database, please let me know and I’ll correct it.

Roger MW0IDX

Hi Roger, like you I find visibility of 50 yards or more no problem. It’s the 12 inches or so to my radio or log book that are the problem now! :nerd_face:

Hi Roger,
My advise is that the next time you feel too lazy as to find and take your log and pencil from the bottom of your rucksack, you record your activation with your iPhone instead of typing the callsigns on the touchscreen. I think night time woud find me still strugglying on the summit trying to correctly type on the phone touchscreen even the 4 minimum QSOs to qualify the activation. :smile:
I did record with my phone an activation once, when it was raining and I was unable to write on my standard paper notebook. It was very helpful and you can even say the utc time now and then if you want to have the time of the QSOs in the log.