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Murphy strikes twice!

Apologies to those who were patiently waiting for me to appear on Firle Beacon (G/SE-010) this afternoon. I was there, but was unable to transmit!

Whilst activating Wilmington Hill (G/SE-011) this morning I became aware of an intermittent problem which was making the SWR jump around. Despite this difficulty I managed five QSOs on 30m and fourteen on 40m.

By the time I had lunched, and then climbed Firle, the wind was getting very strong, and it was quite a job erecting the antenna. However, once ready to start, it quickly became apparent that the previous intermittent problem had become a continuous problem. At least it made it easier to find - a loose joint inside a PL-259 plug. I was able to find a way around this problem, only for the battery in the ATU to suddenly die without any warning. So, all this way for nothing!!

On the way home I purchased a new battery, and I have now re-soldered the plug, so I should be all ready for my next expedition.

73 de Les, G3VQO

In reply to G3VQO:
Sorry Les but that would be the hex I put on you for doing Wilmington Hill (G/SE-011) only on CW ;o) It is one of only 13 summits I need to complete the English set. Better luck next time.

73 GW7AAV Steve

PS Nothing against CW. If I take my time and warm up I can read it okay if it is slow enough and I can send well enough to be understood but I can’t switch between the two. When I get live on air I go in to a cold sweat and a blind panic and my brain shuts down. I need to have enough time to give it a real go and get over it but things keep getting in the way. That is my excuse.

PPS No such ATU problems with a resonant dipole, me thinks!

In reply to G3VQO:

Hi Les,

I called you several times on 40m this afternoon, keen to work you for a unique summit.

Although you were a constant 579 signal, you didn’t return my calls.
Several EU stations were sending hi hi and told me I was 599 with no problems. I tried three different antennas with the same results.

As I continued to call, even when you called QRZ with no response I kept calling on a silent band, but there was no reply from you and you would begin your CQs again.

I put it down to possible long skip, but that didn’t make sense as I heard uk stations calling you with 599 signals, in fact Roy G4SSH was one of the stations with 599 and kindly gave me a report to confirm that I had no problem in getting out.

It appeared and I repeat it appeared that you had chosen not to answer my calls, which of course is your prerogative, maybe it was just down to weird propogation, which can occur on 40m inter UK, I hope you will be kind enough to let me know if you could hear me or not.

73 Mike GW0DSP

In reply to GW0DSP:

It appeared and I repeat it appeared that you had chosen not to answer
my calls,

You will see from my initial post that I was experiencing technical difficulties. I assume from the indicated SWR that my transmitted signal was jumping in strength, and presumably incoming signals were doing the same. It certainly seemed that many of the regulars were having difficulty with my signal strength at times. That, or sheer enthusiasm for a fairly rare SE summit, may have been the catalyst for the outbreaks of mayhem that occurred on the frequency today. Several times in the pile-up I was only able to copy a partial call, but, on trying to get a repeat from that station, numerous other stations with totally different calls insisted on calling out of turn. I have not experienced such poor discipline from SOTA chasers before, but, I repeat, it may have been caused by the difficulties in copying me.

That said, I was confident that I had worked all of the identified stations heard, and my last three or four CQs were unanswered. Why you are not in my log I cannot say, but it could have been caused by many factors. All I can say is, don’t be so sensitive; we all have “gotaways” from time to time.

Les, G3VQO

In reply to G3VQO:

Les, don’t tell him but, it could be the 60dB attenuator I fitted in line with Mikes rig when he wasn’t looking. I have to do something to catch him back up ;o)


In reply to G3VQO:

In reply to GW0DSP:

All I can say is, don’t be so sensitive; we all have

“gotaways” from time to time.

Les, G3VQO

Crikey Les, I am not the sort of bloke to ever be “so sensitive”, I just wanted to know the score, simple as that, I thought I had explained ok, maybe it came across wrong.

I honestly thought that you were ignoring me with all of the other stations, EU and UK, having no difficulties with my signals and with your sigs being a constant 579 without any fluctuations, it MUST have been due to your swr problems, which I’m pleased to hear that you have now sorted.

That’s it, end of story, thanks for the explanation and good luck with your next outing, I’ll be there trying to work you as always.

vy 73 Mike

I do hope this means you will be joining the SWL Honour Roll Mike. Rather than throwing the Wilmington Hill log into the bin as a “gotaway”, why not submit it to me as an SWL log? After all, you heard it without question, even if you did not work it.

I think that quite a few of the SWL logs I receive are really ‘gotaways’ from attempted chaser contacts! It’s not a bad consolation prize… You may well have many more, and a potentially competitive SWL entry log.