Munich area, recommendations for SOTA?

I’m going to visit a ham friend last week of October who is living in Munich. I realized that is a good spot going to do some activation. I looked on the maps and it would be nice to hear from locals what mountains you recomend?
Going by car and park and walk on a trail around 30 minutes? Any suggestions, not to difficult since my ham friend is not so excited yet of my interest of going out in the nature and doing radio from scienic sites.
Regards, Jaan

Hi Jaan,
short drive and short walk (but no scenic view): BE-094, AM-180
medium drive, very short walk, scenic view: AM-001, AM-177
medium drive, short walk, scenic view: EW-001*, EW-022*.
longer drive, (very) short walk, scenic view: WS-001*, MF-079*, AM-031*
(*: main part of the access by cable car)
73, Andy DK7MG

Hello Jaan,

Short/medium/longer drive, it’s depend on in which part of the city you are.
If you are in east part of Munich city (like me), you will be faster in DL/MF and DL/CG area
than in DL/AM,EW,KW,WS.

Short drive and very short walk: MF-082
Short drive and medium walk: MF-093*
Medium drive and medium walk: CG-100, CG-101
Medium drive and very short walk: CG-094

73, Mario DJ2MX (9A4MX,NØMX,E73DX)

Hi Jaan,

I’m surprised no one has suggested DL/AM-060 Laber as yet. Drive to Oberammergau (scenic, historic, touristy village), take the oldest cable car in Germany up the mountain, leave your friend in the restaurant/viewing area if he’s not interested in SOTA and walk about 50 metres to the summit to set-up and operate from one of the convenient benches.

Great views, great take-off for VHF and HF and a 6 point summit, so it attracts a lot of chasers.

Send me a direct email when you get your plans sorted as to which summit(s) you will be going to and I’ll see if I can get along as well.

73 Ed.

DL/AM-060 Laber

Suitable for phone OPs (German: Laberfunker) :rofl:

To clarify this a little more (If I understand it correctly), if someone “Labers” in German, they go on and on and on and on about one subject - you could actually also say they “Labour the subject” in English.

That being said DL/AM-060 is fine for Morse code contacts as well as SSB or FM!:grinning:

73 Ed.

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Hi Jaan,

Here’s some more to consider, that I have found just looking at SOTA Maps (I haven’t activated these personally, yet);

Longer drive, then seat and cable car lifts and short walks to summits
DL/CG-030 Hochreis (Lift €22)
DL/CG-014 Hochfelln (Lift €24)

Views should be great.

Also if you go to Hinteres Hornele DL/AM-058 as has been suggested above en-route from the top of the seat lift thaere are also two previous SOTA Summits, which are now only GMA summits that you could build into a longer activation if the weather is nice (one also has a restaurant on it) these are:
Vorderer Hornele DA/AM-070
Miltlerer Hornele DA/AM-069

73 Ed.

It’s nearly time Jaan, are things still on schedule?

The forecast for next week is for temperatures to drop into single digits after the last week of up to 25 degrees - so it will be cold when you head to the summits.

Let me know if I can help

73 Ed DD5LP.

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Hi Ed, short update, we were on our way… but didn’t make it. The train to the airport got stucked for 2h due to accident and that caused us to miss the flight. We did all to find new flights but didn’t succeed. Anyway my friend Radu, DM1TX, made to Laber and had his first SOTA activation (with out me). So I keep my fingers crossed and will go there soon again.
Take care Ed!


Sorry to hear of your dissapointment of not making the plane and hence the trip. All we can ever say is that these things happen and there’s nothing you can do.

I hope Rado enjoyed his first SOTA activation. Laber is a nice one to start from as he should have got lots of contacts from up there and it’s very civilised with a cable car to the summit and a restaurant on the summit.

Take care 73 Ed.