Muncaster Fell

Up at Ravensglass this weekend and hope to do G/LD-055 Muncaster Fell - Hooker Crag. Not sure if it will be Saturday or Sunday but will post on the alerts/spots if we have coverage. Hope to operate 80/60/40/20/10/6/2 metres. Three operators G7AAU - Helen M6CLF - Caroline and myself.

Regards Steve GW7AAV

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I will look out for you on the spots/alerts. If you have a beam point it in my direction (slightly West of North) on 2mFM (I can do 2mSSB and 10mFM with a bit of warning). Signals aren’t that good to me from Muncaster Fell (too many higher fells in the way) but it is possible to work.

I believe Derek (2E0MIX) is planning on activating Dent on Saturday about Midday, so with a bit of luck you will get an S-S from him.


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I have broadband coverage due to a huge collinear connected to my 3 broadband dongle sat in the window of our cottage. I brought it from China over eBay and was sceptical if it would work or not but it is a stonker. No signal outside without the antenna and yet all the bars with it sat on a metal tray in the kitchen window of a cottage with 3 foot thick granite walls and surrounded be massively tall trees.

Still not sure if we are going later today as everyone else is still snorring, but will alert/spot later.

Thanks for the heads up on Derek, I have been speaking to him on our local 70cms repeater in the last couple of days. Not a bad signal to GB3CR from his home in Whitehaven.

Regards G7AAV/P

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Good to work Helen & Caroline this afternoon even if I didn’t work you Steve.

Also good to hear you working Derek on Dent earlier while you were mobile, he was pretty desperate to get his 4 contacts in so he could get off the top & out of the cold wind.


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It was a bit of a struggle as HF was very poor even running 50 watts. Helen and Caroline just managed their four contacts which was a bit surprising when two of those were from North Wales. If they were 5/5 back home surely there should have been someone in between who could hear them.

It was great to get Derek on Dent just as we arrived in the Carpark for Muncaster fell, but again disapointing we did not manage to get him and give him the chaser point.

I only managed three on 5mhz, qualified with a 2m FM and then had a four or five on 40m, including a S2S with Lutz DL3SBA on DM/NW-204 Nordhelle before the rain got too heavy and we packed up. Typically as we donned the rucksacks the rain stopped but we were quite cold and it was a relief to drop down in to the lee of the hill.

Muncaster seems like it would be a nice little hill in slightly better weather. Anyway, another one ticked of the big list. May do something on the way hope on Monday NP or SP, not decided yet.

73 Steve GW7AAV

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AAAAAH BUT did you tell the whole truth o wise one the 2 contacts back home just happen to live on "top of a mountain " that can help a weeee bit …!!!

BIG SIGNAL even BIGGER ANTENNAS…!!ohh and a little mast as well …

Graham Gw0hus

not as per thingy Gw)hus …oops got something else wrong as well

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not as per thingy Gw)hus …oops got something else wrong as well

It’s written here in the Book of SOTA, chapter 1, verse 2:

“Presseth ye not ye shift button when ye wanteth to type a number else thy will avail thyself of ye punctuation symbols.”

Or put simply, just create a new account Graham with gw0hus as the call and don’t login using gw)hus anymore.


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Thanks a lot
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