Multiple spots from phone

Sorry for yesterdays problem in the spots, (just wanted to get noticed), for some unknown reason my phone had sent my posting 6 times for Rob g4rqj/p to qsy 144-380. does anyone else have this problem, and if so how could one stop it, I have noticed of late when txting I send txt’s about 3 times. very annoying sometimes. thanks to all whom caught me while out in the backpackers contest, good conditions to europe, for those in the wab-contest co-ordanations where SE-01 if anyone else needs more information then please e-mail me at
and for those who where listing to me thanks, it would have been nice for some points in the other direction, for a change.
Steve m0sgb

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Your phone bill must be frightening! 73 Mike, Ei2CL

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im on a special contract, but can use upto £180-00 for txt’s and telephone I have unlimited use off internet. all for the asking price £30-00…
Steve m0sgb

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I’ve noticed this happening to me a couple of times.
After filling in the information on Spotlite was your browser sticking on ‘Opening’ and ‘Locating’. I find this happens frequently on my phone.
It usually takes 2 or 3 clicks on the ‘Spot’ button before the data is finally sent and posted on SOTAwatch. Sometimes this results in multiple postings.

I have always presumed this a result of trying to use a phone on the top of a hill where so many cells (some of which are too distant to use) are received.
It’s sometimes worth trying just below the summit where the number of masts received should be limited.

Bt the way, I could hear you 31 yesterday from GM/WS-150 but I couldn’t get your attention. I guess there is a bit more activity in SE than WS.

Robin, GM7PKT.

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Hi Robin thanks for your input/information, like you said it could be the masts in different locations that pick up our signal, now I know why I get multiple posting hi hi.

Bt the way, I could hear you 31 yesterday from GM/WS-150 but I couldn’t get your attention. I guess there is a bit more activity in SE than WS.

Sorry Robin their where three chasers looking for you yesterday, myself, g2bof and g0trb, but nothing down this way next time. yep loads of activity on 144 mhz yesterday great bit o fun.
now just waiting for the results, looking at having a go at National field days, Next year with a good friend if he up for 24 hours from a sota summit, would be chased by everyone,No clues
yet until can confirm with him,

Steve m0sgb

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it could be the masts in different locations that pick up our signal, now I >know why I get multiple posting hi hi.

Except it doesn’t work like that. Your signal may be heard by the receivers at many masts but you are only talking to one of them. The most likely reason is from Robin’s statement that having hit the send/spot button, the page doesn’t finish loading and he has hit send again. The page may not finish loading due to marginal signal conditions and thus the phone doesn’t actually receive the data to display. The spot you send is only a small amount of data and there’s a statistically greater chance a single small packet will get through. Getting all the packets back for the next webpage is much less likely to happen if signals are poor. Hitting send a few times means the spot gets sent a few times irrespective of whether you get a response.

I certainly don’t expect my phone to work at altitude and from experience, my 3g phone will report S9+60 strength service and not connect at all. Forcing it down to GSM mode and it still is upset by the multiple cells if can hear. The modulation used now is not straightforward but is complex time and frequency multiplexed doodads. There’s all sorts of 21st century monkey business happening so I’m genuinely surprised that some people can make and receive calls when high up in mountains.

I can’t see any simple solution to the problems people will have. The easiest thing to do would be recognise that self-spots from a summit can lead to repeats appearing and simply live with that. What would we rather have, a repeated spot that someone is somewhere interesting or no spot at all? I know which I would want.


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Hi Andy, thanks for your input, little more insight to things again, I have been at the bottom of a mountain good signal, half way up a mountain no signal, at the top sometimes various signals, yes sometimes it sounds like im in a tunnel.
its only that I would have liked to have worked Rob g4rqj/p on LD-041.

Steve m0sgb

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It sounds like the cellphone may receive from many celluar sites at the same signal level and may have problem to lock on a specific celluar site. This could be happening at high altitudes.

At my work i have a very special Ericsson cellphone with software that can measure signal levels in dBm and display all facts about the cell sites it “hears” around me, and I see sometimes in low signal environment the phone jumping between sites or cells quite frequently because all are at same level. A normal user will probably not notice this at all. Now I am speaking for Sweden, GSM / UMTS, have been working with this for 25 years but it should be same elsewhere.

Only advice i can give is be patient, just send the message once and wait a few minutes or so. At very low signal levels the speed of GPRS/EDGE/UMTS, UMTS with HSDPA will reduce by increased distance from nearest cell site, and increase again when coming closer to another site. The further away, the less rate and longer time.

I know many pepole byuing dongles to connect to a laptop and thinking of always getting a full-speed connection mobile broadband at 7.6 mbps anywhere, but in real life there will never be so.

Mabye I am getting off-topic now, sorry!

GN, 73 Chris SM5KRI