Multiple SOTA activation by CRAG members

Strictly weather dependent, members of the Craven radio Amateur Group intend a multiple SOTA activation of mainly the G/NP and one G/SP summits on the 14th September all commencing operation at 12:00 local time.

Look out for the following operators;

G4CPA Rombalds Moor. 2m SSB/FM/CW. 40m CW. 60m SSB. 4m FM.

2E0NTT Sharp Haw. 2m FM. 6m FM.

M3XLG Thorpe Fell Top. 2m FM/SSB. 70cm FM/SSB. 6m SSB. 20m SSB.

2E0PHL Great Shunner Fell or Gt. Coumb. 2m FM. 70cm FM. 40m SSB.

M3GNS Peny-Ghent. 2m FM. 70cm FM. 20m SSB.

G7COD Buckden Pike. 2m FM. 70cm FM. 80m SSB/CW.

G6MZX Hail Storm Hill. 4m FM. 2m SSB. 6m SSB.

In reply to G7COD:

Also M0GGR will be on Thorpe Fell Top doing his First SOTA activation.

In reply to M3XLG:
This sounds good fun for the Craggies, doing 6 summits at the same time on different modes,


I remember a few years ago when we had all the Southern penine summits coverd by someone transmitting on 145mhz, if I remember everyone had a good time, We all managed to work the 17 summits. All before it went wild with all chasers going mad. Think the Craggies could have told others, before doing this and seeing how many could have gone out and done something big again, Just think of all the summit to summits, that could have been.

Well you never know someone might have a bright idea on how to do it.


Steve m0sgb