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I’m considering the purchase of a simple kit to build a QRP CW transceiver just for fun.
I remenber of seeing some tiny kit (I think it does fit in a Altoids or similar type or box) that comes with a number of separate PCB so that when you want to change the band you simply remove one board and put another on the main board.

The problem is I don’t recall its name nor the web page where I saw it…
If anybody could provide som info I’d appreciate it.

I’m vy happy with my FT-817 but I just want to play a little bit with those funny kits just in case I can carry them occasionally and give 'em a try.

Thanks for any feedback, 73
Ignacio EA2BD

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This sounds like one of Steve Webers, KD1JV, designs. The ATS3b fitted in an Altoids tin. You’ll find plenty of information via google or on youtube. For example:

The latest model in this series is the ATS4. This comes with a custom made enclosure. Have a look here:

I have built an ATS3b, but never finished more than one band module. It’s still work in progress after many years…

Heinz, OE5EEP

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You might also consider this:

…and of course an Elecraft KX-1.



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Right, thanks for it; yes I meant the ATS-3B. Unfortunatelly it seems not to be any longer in production, and it’s been substituted by ATS-4. It seems a great rig, but I was thinking in something cheaper and simple.

I’ll consider some other options to build.

Thanks for the info, take care.
Heinz, hope you’ll finish the project… If you’re tired of it consider selling it to me, hi hi!!

Ignacio EA2BD

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Hi Ignacio,

There is the HB-1A or HB-1B the right one that you can find now in ebay. I have one and is a good transceiver.

Have also PFR-3, KX-1 and all are nice ones. At qrpkits you can have other ones too.

If you like some monoband look at SW+ transceivers from smallwonderlabs.


Esteve EB3EPR

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Right, thanks for it; yes I meant the ATS-3B. Unfortunatelly it seems
not to be any longer in production

They come up for sale, both as un-built kits and complete radios from time to time both on ebay and on the dedicated AT Sprint Yahoo group Yahoo | Mail, Weather, Search, Politics, News, Finance, Sports & Videos

As well as the ATS-3B (which is great, I built one) there are older models which are nearly as good.

Colin G8TMV