MTR5B Case?

I’d appreciate recommendations for a protective, lightweight, compact case for the MTR5B. MTR5B will go inside the protective case which goes inside my rucksack. I don’t really care if there’s extra room for accessories, but definitely don’t want TOO much extra room.

Thanks & 73,
Barry N1EU

Barry I haven’t taken my 5b out into the wilds yet but I have kept it in a small GPS case that also provides enough room for a battery and ear-buds etc… It’s NOT a waterproof case.
I also found a plastic case at the local craft shop that could be an alternative.


Thanks Richard!

Hi Barry,

I have built a GoBox for my MTR3B based on a Peli 1040 case, which is ultra-robust and watertight. The details of that project are described here: The 1 Kilo HF challenge. A multiband activation pack below 1 kilogram - #99 by DK3IT

Now, I am working on a new version for my MTR5B. The solution will incorporate

  • the TinySWR meter
  • an AF amplifier and control monitor
  • volume control
  • 4.8V/2400mA NimH battery + step-up-converter that can create 6 / 9 / 12 V for 1 / 2.5 / 5 W
  • rotary dial for frequency and cw speed
  • undervoltage indicator
  • zero beat indicator
  • LDO 2.7 V for buffering the RTC (instead of the faulty coin cell)
  • a Pico Single Paddle

I will post all files online as open hardware, but it will take me some more weeks to finalize this.

Because the MTR5 is bigger than the MTR3, the circuits will only fit in thanks to a small double-sided SMD PCB, which I already have on my desk. You will be able to order it via OSH Park for a few dollars.

73 de Martin, DK3IT

By the way, the Peli 1040 is also suitable for simply the MTR5B. The smaller version Peli 1020 might be exactly what you want for your purpose, see the nice article by K1JD,

Links to the products are here:

73 de Martin, DK3IT

Barry… just found another case that I have that could be a good one also…

MTM – Survivor Dry-box. the little one in Orange is $12

Richard ///N2GBR

Sorry but I admittedly have not much interest in those rugged, sealed & relatively heavy cases. I want something that only weighs a few ounces. My MTR is not going to be exposed to that much shock and weather.

I’m in the minimalist, pack uberlight camp :slight_smile:

Barry N1EU

I use light plastic food containers purchased from the supermarket. Bubble wrap can be added to provide shock protection.
Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

I’ve been using a cardboard box that fits my MTR 3B, T1 tuner, and accessories. I wrap the radio in a bandana to provide a little bit of extra protection.

I’m also in that camp, and the box is starting to fall apart, so I’m interested to see if anyone has a good idea for a new case.

Andrew, that’s what I’m using now. Was just wondering about something a little more elegant :sunglasses:

Maybe a more elegant plastic food container . . .

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I’ve used old CD cases that only held a few CDs. These also hold the battery pack, paddles (have both the Whiterook paddles as well as the Palm paddles and a few straight keys), antenna (LNR TFR 10-20-40 or dipoles), earbuds, string and any other accessories, as well as the MTR3. The hard plastic that kept the CDs neatly aligned provides protection in the cloth cover, and a few zip lock bags go in if needed for rain. The radio gets bubble wrapped. Need to build a 30m antenna, but already had the TFR. XYL doesn’t even notice the small radio pack in the truck.

Same case also works for my DSW-20 and SST-40 with the usual accessories. Both radios go in the kit at the same time and share accessories.

Disused small digital camera cases are also padded well, and found one that looks to fit the MTR3. Maybe even try one for the radio and one for the accessories. Sometimes easier to pack two smaller bags than a slightly larger single bag into the backpack.

Usually find these used camera bags and CD carriers at thrift shops and second hand stores. Cheaper that way. Now just need to find more time to get out and on the air more and use these goodies. Pass on what you find to work, always looking for new ideas.

Mike, N4VBV


The non-waterproof GPS case I have weighs 6.5oz.

The Non-waterproof plastic box from the craft store is 12.0oz

the MTM Survivor Dry-box is 12.5oz (including a compass and signalling mirror)

Cardboard box, bit of foam and a ziplock is probably 2oz… :slight_smile:

The plastic food container I’m using now is 1.5oz

Custom plexiglass case made by Peter HB9TVK.


I really like travel wash bags for carrying radio gear, they tend to be lightweight and have lots of handy pockets inside. A bonus is that they are super cheap too!

The bag will hold my batteries, a couple of rigs, headphones, key, cables, EFHW tuner etc. The antenna would even fit I if take the small one - no problem for EFHW.

Some wash bags have foam padded sides - great for gear protection.

If I need to go ultra lightweight, I secure bubble wrap around the rig with an elastic band and use a small dry bag.

73, Colin


A lot of great ideas out there! I think I’m going back to what worked before and will try this, a more elegant plastic food storage container: