MTR4b Side Saddle

Here is little something I have been working on to make my setup a little more compact and to keep loose ends all together.

I call it the MTR4b v2 Side Saddle. It keeps the key and battery together and I can hold everything with one hand by holding the radio on the left. The side saddle locks in place by gravity alone, with 4 points of contact to keep movement to a minimum. No gluing, bolting, velcro, etc. to keep it in place. Makes break down and setup quick.

Using GM0EUL paddle.

Glue on some sheet metal and use any key with magnets.

Here is another with slots to push in a key. I use this mini straight key.

Here are the three different versions (minus glued on sheet metal).

This is the battery I am using for the curious.


Very nice! Anything and everything in the direction of controlled, already in place, one handed operation, steps in a good direction. Here is a set-up for my MTR5…

The yellow thing is an EFHW “tuner.” It plugs into the RF jack, no feedline at all. (I replaced the BNC with an RCA, better in this application). Below and to the left of it is a DK3IT SWR indicator. Below the radio is a folding cover. In transit, it protects the switches. In operation, it supports a log. The two acorn nuts are dot and dash of a touch paddle inside. Nothing to be misadjusted, nothing that can get dirty, nothing that can break. The 350 mAH LiPO attaches to the side with velcro, enough power for two activations. There is a tethered space pen and a retractable set of earbuds.

Let’s go SOTA! 73 Fred KT5X / WS0TA


I really like the folding cover, very cool!

Very interesting thanks. I did think about a case for my MTR3 that allows me to easily stow the plethora of cables, a battery and a key, maybe the same width and length but doubling the height - allowing the cables to remain plugged in but be tucked down and underneath. Having the key attached to the side is an option with the palm pico paddles, I have a Palm Straight Key which would need a similar arrangement to yours.

I might try something in plywood first, then if it works I can always get a friend to make a 3d printed version.