Mt. Ubione I/LO-296 (big summit cross antenna) and Cornamarcia I/LO-284

Hello Guys,
this morning I wanted to activate two easy peaks, Mt Ubione I/LO-296 and Corna Marcia I/LO-284.
On the first summit there is a big summit cross, I thought to use this like an antenna.

I connected kx3 with bnc plug and short copper wire wrapped to cross and some radials connected to the metal fence.
I used a internal ATU on 80mt gaining swr 1.0, and I started to call at 3.555-cw.
A RBN station in the other side of the valley spotted me with 40dB ground wave.
It was 7:40 utc, I did not expect the band to be usable, no rbn network station received my reflected wave.
But after some cq, I listened DL1FU, receiving a rprt 449 and sent to 579.
I tryed the performance of the big summit cross antenna also in 40 and in 20 meters. It worked fine!!

I passed in qrt and I reached the second summit of the day, Mt Corna Marcia, using a small fishing pole I worked 20 and 17mt ssb.
With great surprise I saw that 10 meter was open. I called on 28.425 ssb, it was fantastic to hear chasers on this band, especially M0MDA Michael with 59, loud modulations.

Thanks at all chasers and swl.


Put the cross in the backpack for next activation…

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