Mt Shasta (W6/CN-001) in May

Hello, I am considering going up Mt Shasta sometime in May (memorial day weekend probably) and wanted to see if anyone else would be interested in joining me on the expedition. I am looking at doing Hotlum/Wintoon route again (did it as a BC snowboard in '15) as it is the more mellow route, and while I’ve seen BC skiers hit it in a day, I am thinking of doing the camp at 10k as a base camp etc…

I am doing this as a prep for a bigger summit, so I am going to be carrying some unnecessary weight as training etc… Still should be a fun outing though :smiley:



Hello Jamie,
Sounds like a terrific endeavor. Hope I’ll be able to chase you. Good luck on the “big one”, to follow.
Good news for you: You’re STILL in your youth!

All best,

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Not sure if I will be ready for Mt. Shasta in May, but I may do Lassen Peak or different summit in Northern California, not very far from St. Shasta. Let’s meet one day and discuss it.

Hey Oleh:
Lassen is a fun walk up…I actually wonder if the road is open right now (with the lack of snow). Funny story with Lassen, I did not even know I was going to be there as part of a camping trip. Had my Radio Gear so activate it I did. I recall there being some Cell service from that summit (probably hitting Susanville, or maybe Oroville) View fo Shasta from Lassen:

That could be a fun S2S probably could do that on VHF.

hah…the road is closed, but no snowshoe tours due to lack of snow (at Lassen):

Hi Jamie,

I may also be doing Shasta late May or early June, depending on lots of different things. Ha!

I doubt I’ll be doing it on Memorial Day weekend, but I probably plan on doing the Avy Gulch route again, along with all the other dozens of people.


yah, and given I have never gone up the Avy route, maybe I should do it just for the sake of knocking off that route…

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If our winter stays on it’s current course, might be possible to do this peak in March actually :frowning: (the road to bunny flat looks drivable in any decent 4x4 w snow tires)

A sad thought! I can’t even imagine doing Shasta in March, or even April!