Mt. San Martin EA2/NV-151 by EA2IF/P on 11/04/2015

Dear all,
After having spent most of the day working in the garden (spring time is here and the grass grows up fast) I wasn’t aware of propagation conditions, as I didn’t have much time to spend on HF.
Conditions were very bad some days around last weekend, but they seemed to have recovered during the week or at least that’s what I thought.
By the time I finished mowing, I felt like needing some SOTA, so I grabbed my SOTA stuff and headed to a 1 pointer Summit, which I had already activated this year but it’s very convenient as it’s only 10Km to the SouthEast from my QTH.
I raised an alert and also selfspotted as soon as I finished setting up and I was ready to start CQ on 15m CW. Only 2 stations from the near city of Pamplona, Ignacio EA2BD and Manuel EA2DT, answered to my calls. After several CQ calls without response, I QSYed to 20m CW and selfspotted.
There I found more of the same thing: several calls without any single response. Weird…
Finally, I QSYed to 20m SSB and selfspotted again, Manuel EA2DT told me he also raised a spot for me on DX FUN, as he had done before on 15m CW.
This band and mode produced 3 QSOs: a SV, an OH and my friend Santi EA2BSB.
That was all. Only 5 QSOs of which 3 were stations from Pamplona, about 15-20 Km North of my position.
I went to Mt. San Martín at the end of the day hoping to have some DX with Northamerica due to being sunset time, but I could only get a picture of today’s sunset…

Hopefully, propagation conditions will recover and we’ll have some more SOTA-fun soon.

Thanks to my 5 kind chasers and best 73 de Guru.


[quote=“EA2IF, post:1, topic:10625”]There I found more of the same thing: several calls without any single response. Weird…[/quote]HF conditions certainly took a dive sometime about 15:00z yesterday. I noticed it from here in Kenya. I’d been working stations on 10 and 12, and 15 was lively. Then 10 and 12 went dead, and 15 only had a few audible stations on it. Even 17 and 20 weren’t up to much. Not greatly improved this morning…

73, Rick 5Z4/M0LEP

Hi Rick,
After my disappointing experience last evening and after having read your post this morning, I wasn’t very confident to go out and activate something today, but I finally told to myself that the day was going to be a nice sunny one and it would be good to go to the mountains no matter the propagation.
Good that I made such decision because I had a great time in a new mountain I had never hiked before and also a great activation with up to 60 QSOs on 20m CW and SSB. I’ll write an activation report hopefully tomorrow.
Best 73 de Guru.

Yeah, sometimes propagation’s like that; fine one moment, flat the next, then picking right up just after you’ve given up and gone QRT…

Glad the next activation was much better. 73, Rick 5Z4/M0LEP