Mt. San Cristobal EA2/NV-119 by EA2IF/P

This is, by far, the SOTA I’ve activated most due to its proximity to my daughters rock climbing training place near Pamplona, where I take them every Saturday morning over the whole school period.
While they are taking their rock climbing training, our dog Lucho and I have 1 hour and a half to ascend, activate for 15 to 20 minutes and descend Mt. San Cristobal. I’ve been doing it almost every week over the last school year and so I’m doing this.
Last saturday Oct. 18th was very nice and there was such high SOTA activity in our area that it was even difficult to find a clear frequency for a CQ SOTA call.
These are the contacts I managed to log, where no 1, 2, 3, 6 and 11 were S2S QSOs:

Today, Oct. 25th, it was about the same with several activations going on at the same time and the frequencies very QRL with troubles to find a clear one for calling CQ as well as for chasing some of the activators.
I hiked Mt San Cristobal again today and this is the log of the activation, where no 2, 3, 11, 12 and 13 were S2S QSOs:

I copied Eloy EA1IEH making QSO with 2 or 3 other stations and activators but it was impossible for me to make myself readable for him, as he was far away in EA2/VI-001 and my signals were clearly weaker than those of the other stations in the pile-up. Sorry for that, Eloy.
At that time, the 2m band looked like the 20m in terms of pile-up, hi, hi!
During today’s hike, I took some time to take some pictures of the nice ascent in order to show you the beauty and the hard of it.
I always park the car at this place in the old village of Berrio-Zahar and take the left path up:

Now I’m going to show you several pictures of the whole hike, which usually takes me about 35 minutes.
It’s quite a steep path and the difference in height is about 500m.
I hope Reflector can cope with this many pictures. We’ll see…
The path leaves immediately the village and enters into nature:

At this bend we follow the path up to the right:

Soon we’ll have to leave the main path to take this narrower one on our left:

We’ll keep ascending through this nice path:

Here we’ll make a right to follow the path through forest:

At this point, we leave the main path and take the one on our left, leaving the green panel at our right hand side:

From this point, the path becomes steeper and steeper:

At this point, our path crosses the road but soon continues:

We cross again the road and now the path becomes even much steeper

At this point, the path joins a wider one, which we take upwards:

Finally, it looks like the Summit is not far from here:

Come on, the last effort and we’ll be able to start the activation:

We finally see the trig point, which we can’t reach due to being inside military restricteed area,

and the activation area, where I use to carry out the SOTA activations:

Before finishing this report, let me show you a few shots of the beautiful views from the Summit, although these have not been taken today but in last spring time. Today I was too busy with the activation on 2m FM :wink:

This is to the North:

This one to the East, where Mt. Elomendi (right) and Izaga (center), the one I activated last Sunday, can be seen in the horizon line:

This one is to the West:

This mountain is very close to Pamplona. In fact, I’d call it Pamplona’s mountain.

I hope you enjoyed this report and hopefully some of you will feel like trying the ascent this way some day soon.

Best 73 de Guru - EA2IF