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Mt. San Cristóbal EA2/NV-119 by EA2IF/P on 31/10/2015

One more
Saturday morning I hiked to Mt. San Cristóbal on a very cloudy morning with fresh but nice enough temperature.

It took me 33 minutes to get to the summit today. I started hike at 10h01 u.t.c. and arrived to the summit at 10h34 in the company of my loyal dog Lucho.

There was just a little wind so I put my SOTA hat on and a warmer clothing in order to
keep my sweaty body warm during the activation, as I always do.

I quickly installed the 20m ECO VEHICOLARE mobile whip antenna on top of a PVC tube with
a single wire radial sloping down towards the North, as usual.

I started CQing on 14.062 a few minutes before my Alert announced start time, so RBN couldn’t pick up my CQ call and raise a spot yet. However, Roy G4SSH was ready and pickd me up after the very first CQ call. He kindly offered to raise a spot for me and a huge pile of chaser built up immediately.

I enjoyed it very, very, very much. It’s so fun dealing with these big pile ups… One feels for a short while like being in Spratly Is. or so… :smile:

I managed to log 28 QSOs in just a 20 minutes operation. This is the log:

Thank you very much, dear chasers, for your calls.

I’ll be looking forward to copying you soon again from another summit.

Best 73 de Guru


thanks for the 20 meter contact. Your signal was vy hard on my Warc beam. I made a lot of points today. It was vy busy on 30 meters.

CU and 73, PA9CW.

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