Mt. San Cristóbal - EA2/NV-119 by EA2IF/P on 31/01/2015

Dear all,
Another Saturday morning activation of Mt. San Cristóbal and one more pleasure to me for the work out done, the good friends contacted on the air and the always nice view of the beautiful snow.

It was raining most of the day yesterday so I was expecting quite a muddy ascent in some areas today.
When I drove this morning to the rock climbing place with my daughters, we saw all the mountains around were covered with snow and Mt. San Cristóbal was not an exception.

The very steep path I always take to hike this mountain is called “el camino del agua” which means “the water way”, so, after so much rain yesterday and even snow during the night in the higher parts, the path was today a real stream with a lot of water coming down.

Despite so much water coming down on my way and a lot of mud in some places, I managed to complete the hike perfectly while keeping my boots and feet dry.

It didn’t rain during the ascent but I got big drops of water coming from the trees.
It’s said in Spanish: “bajo la hoja, doble se moja” which means: “under the leaves one gets double wet” and so it was…

After 38 minutes ascent, with the final part on snow, my dog Lucho and I got to the Summit:

Lucho had a great time running and also rolling on his back on the new snow:

After these pictures I started CQing on 145.525 FM.
Ignacio - EA2BD and Manuel - EA2DT replayed to my first call at the same time. We had a nice brief QSO. Manuel warned me of the error I had on the log date of my last Sunday afternoon activation of Mt. Erreniega (EA2/NV-092). That activation was on the 25th but I wrongly uploaded the log as all the QSOs were made on the 24th. Apologies to my 6 chasers for the mistake and thanks to Manuel for letting me know. Everything has been corrected by now.
I made some more CQ calls but nobody replayed, so I said goodbye to Ignacio and prepared for descent because a very dark cloud was approaching my position from the NorthWest:

Less than a couple of minutes after having taken these pictures the dark cloud reached my position and a heavy snow fall started. I was about to start descent when I copied Santi - EA2BSB, so I called him and offered a couple SOTA points, which he kindly accepted, :wink:

Then, I quickly left the Summit and descended as fast as I could under a pretty heavy snow fall, which turned into mixed rain-snow when I got down at the car park. We call it “aguanieve” in Spanish.

Just 3 QSOs today but a very nice time and a pleasure for being in the mountain.

Thanks buddies for being there and the QSOs.

Best 73 de Guru - EA2IF

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Beautiful pictures! Thanks for the regular points Guru, take care
73 Ignacio