Mt San Cristobal EA2/NV-119 by EA2IF/P on 24/10/2015

My 33rd activation of Mt.San Cristobal took place this morning and again with great pleasure.
Cloudy sky with soft breeze from the South providing a warm temperature.
I completed the 8 different sections of the tough ascent in 34 minutes with no stops at all, which is the usual time, thus confirming that I keep myself in good shape.
I quickly set up the 20m monoband mobile whip with one single wire radial towards the North but, when I sat down on the ground and I pushed the switch ON button of my FT-817, it didn’t switch ON.
I had to quickly double check every connection fom the batteries all the way to the rig, including an aerial fuse I have, but the rig didn’t want to switch ON. A bit frustrated, I repeated the checking of everything again and fortunately this second checking made me find there was a wrong contact in a jack type connector I recently installed instead of the car lighter type I had before to connect battery to the rig.

I wasted some few minutes with these checks but, what a relief when I moved the male and female connectors again and the rig switched ON… :smile:
I quickly found clear frequency and started CQing on 14.062
The pile up built up quickly and I logged 16 QSOs in about 16 minutes.
Kurt HB9AFI/P called me for a S2S QSO which we completed succesfully although his signals were pretty weak. It looked like he had something wrong in the first attempt as he came back to me 5 minutes later and his signals were a strong 599. Perhaps he changed antenna or connected an amplifier? If you read this, Kurt, please, let me know.
This is today’s log:

When I last called CQ and nobody else replied, I announced QRT, packed everything quickly and descended to pick up my daughters at the rock climbing training place.
This is the story of another nice time in the mountain and on the air.
Thank you very much dear chasers and I’ll be looking forward to hearing you again soon from another summit. Hopefully tomorrow :wink:
Best 73 de Guru

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