Mt. San Cristobal EA2/NV-119 by EA2IF/P on 23/05/2015

Dear SOTA mates,
As I’ve been doing several saturday mornings over almost the last 2 years, I’ve activated Mt. San Cristobal again while my daughters were taking their weekly rock climbing training.
Thanks to the rapid deployment antenna system I prepared some weeks ago (Mobile GP antenna for SOTA success) and the red wine bottles wooden box I reconverted during last Christmas holidays to fit my FT-817ND and the MFJ antenna tunner inside with all wires preconnected,

I can now do HF during these very rapid saturday morning activations, rather than just 2m FM with a handheld as I used to do before.
Today I worked 20m CW and this is the log:

After the last QSO it was about the time to QRT for packing up and descent, however, I called QRZ a couple of times and nobody else replayed, so it was nice because I went QRT with the feel that I had worked everyone willing to QSO with me.
Thank you very much for your calls.
I will probably work SSB next saturday to give chances to the phone chasers.
Best 73 de Guru.