Mt. San Cristobal EA2/NV-119 by EA2IF/P on 16/01/2016

Today’s activation has little to report about radio activity other than 3 very nice QSOs with local colleagues and friends on 2m FM.

After a really unusual warm weather over the last weeks with South wind blowing and just one single snow fall up to yesterday, which just covered the top of the surrounding mountains for a few hours, we finally got a real winter weather yesterday evening with cold wind from the North, low temperature and the always beautiful snow.

I dropped my daughters at the rock climbing training place this morning, as usual, and I headed to Mt. San Cristobal, which, after tonight’s snowfall, looked like this when I was approaching the hiking start point in Berrio-Zahar village, just close to the North of Pamplona:

The hike was careful and slower than usual, as everything was well covered with snow:

When I was almost reaching the summit, the view of the white snow with this blue sky was great:

I got to the summit just a few minutes before 11 o’clock utc, so I immediately decided that I wouldn’t work HF, as everything was well covered with about 15-20cm of snow and I had almost run out of time.
I’d work 2m FM only with my HH but, before, I’d take some pictures of the nice views from the top.

Views to the North:

Views to the North-West:

Views to the North-East:

Views to the South-West with Mt Erreniega (EA2/NV-092) under the clouds:

The summit trig point, where you can easily see the barbed wire fence surrounding it…

This picture shows the moat surrounding the very summit and the trig point

When I called CQ on 145.525, Manuel EA2DT and Jorge EA2LU replied and we had a nice chat. It was 9 minutes after 11 utc and I was about to QRT for descent when Ignacio EA2BD showed up to say hi and get the 2 points. It was nice to chat with Ignacio too, although it had to be very briefly because it was time for me to descend for picking up my daughters.

I didn’t log these 3 QSOs on a paper but it was easy to memorize the callsigns and times.
Here’s the log:

Thanks for your QSOs dear friends.

My descent was slow and careful in order to avoid any falls with such slippery conditions and steep slopes, so I had good chances to enjoy the views and take some few more pictures:

This one shows Mt. Erreniega (EA2/NV-092) in the center:

Again a very nice time in the mountain with great views, So here is a happy bunny:

Have a nice weekend.
Best 73 de Guru


Hello Guru,

beautiful pictures with such a nice and clear view!
They show an interesting contrast: Green grass covered by snow.

In the meantime the winter arrived even here in Bavaria with reasonable snow lying even in the lower regions.

When I saw your last photo, my first guess was, that it might be a selfie of yourself after a snowstorm. But I couldn’t recognize that the snowman was carrying a HH, so my fear was not confirmed :wink:

I guess all nearby (wild) bunnies were really happy, when you left back the carrot :smile:

73 Stephan, DM1LE