Mt. San Cristobal EA2/NV-119 by EA2IF/P on 10/01/2015

After 15 activations of this Summit on 2014 and some other more ascents without SOTA activation, I planned for today my first activation of Mt. San Cristóbal in 2015. When I crossed with my car the tunnel of Sierra del Perdon I found the Pamplona valley full of fog and this made me think that the views from the Summit of any of the mountains around would be beautiful.
As soon as I dropped my daughter at the rock climbing training place, I headed towards the old Little village of Berrio-Zahar, parked the car and started the hike in the middle of the fog.
When I got to the Summit the sun was shinning and the views were, as I guessed, beautiful.
I found Alberto - EA2DCA/P activating EA2/BI-011 on 145.525 FM so we made the S2S QSO and I QSYed to 145.550 where I started CQing.
I worked 8 stations (known friends most of them) in the very short time I usually have for this Saturday morning activation.
Now some of the pictures I took after having QRT and before descent:

As you’ll see in the following picture, many people got to the top of this local mountain to enjoy the great views, but most of them did it the easy way, by car.

After having picked up my daughter from the rock climbing training place I wanted to show her the spectacle of this ocean of clouds and we drove up to the Sierra del Perdon on our way home.
You can see the Mt. San Cristóbal I activated earlier in the center of this picture.

Thank you for calling and for the spots.

Best 73 de Guru - EA2IF


again lovely pictures


Lovely pictures Guru!! Thanks for sharing.
VY 73 Ignacio


What a fantastic pictures. Wish I could have worked you. But we are moving to another house, so I’m a couple of weeks not QRV :rage: But when we are moved I will put up a much better antenna on the roof.
So I hope to work you begin februari. If all is okay…

Good luck es 73.

Thanks Tonnie. You wouldn’t have been able to work me yesterday, as I only activated on 2m with my FT-470 HH and a mobile vertical antenna.
I hope everything goes well with the move and we soon have you on the air with your new and better antennas.
Good luck to you.
73 de Guru - EA2IF