Mt Rai I/LO-247 01-01-21 iw2obx

Hi Guys,
due to restrictions for covid in my region it isn’t allowed to come out from my municipality.
So I chose to activate a summit near my qth Monte Rai I/LO-247, climbing up a path starting from my house.
the weather was cloud and it was snowing.
Me and Zac reached San Tomaso, a group of ancient and rural homes. I had to wear a crambons due to ice conditions of mule track.

I continued toward to climb up passing the location called Tuff’s Fountain.
This point is little more half way: if the path condition had been bad, I would decided to come back.

Fortunately the path was walkable and didn’t have great amounts of snow. I proceded to climb up passing for Bevesco, an old mountain pasture.
Between me and the summit there were about 300 meter of development.
I opened a track in the snow along the field lashed by the wind and snow.

I spent a lot of time to change clothing, in order to be better waterproof and windproof I wore more layers and the end gtx jacket.
I would have liked to use an rockmite home made with front out 2n2222 and about 500mW in 30mt. but with the bad weather condition I changed the plan, I brought out from the rucksack the kx3 and gp for 20mt and i start to call with 100 milliwatts at 14.063 cw, that were enough for contact EU2MM. i turned up the power to 3 watts for other qsos.

The wind was blowing into hood of the jacket producing a noise that covered one or two weak signal. I’m sorry for this mistake, I had no earphones.
I qsy in ssb at 14.285 I managed a qso with GM1NZI I called some times without any reply.
I turn on a HT at 145mhz fm, I called for five minute without success.

while Zac took a nap, I was suffering from hands and feet sore due to cold and I passed in qrt

I putted all in bulk into rucksack and I started to move descending quicky.
Tnx at All, I will return on this summit in the next days
73 and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!