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Mt. Otsogorrigaina EA2/NV-006 long before SOTA

Hi all,
It was 29/NOV/1984, long before SOTA was even conceived, when this picture of a 19 years old Guru, already a ham with callsign EC2AJR, was taken at the summit of current SOTA EA2/NV-006.

Notice the cool rocket and structure ready for launching.
I don’t think it’s there anymore, but I haven’t been there again since then, so, perhaps, some of the activators (@F5UKL @EA2DYS @EA2EEB @EB2GKK @F5PLR @F5ODQ) can confirm that point:




Hi Guru, great report and fantastic photo of the young you. :grinning:

cheers Geoff vk3sq

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Hola Guru, el dia que lo activamos casualmente había una carrera de montaña y la unica foto que tengo de la cima es esta.

Hello Guru, the day we activated it, there was a mountain race and the only photo I have of the summit is this one.

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Que joven eras Gurú… ¡19 años, o en el año!

1984 Regresando de Nueva Caledonia FK0AQ con un armónico adicional, ¡Walter, mi primer hijo!

Creo que el cohete no se ha bajado y espero que tarde en bajar :sparkling_heart:


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