Mt. Ooyama JA/KN-006

We made activation today with JJ1CKE, JJ1CKD and JH0CJH


Well done to all 3 of you.
It looks like HF SSB was very difficult as usual…Too bad.
I could not chase you guys unf as I was not at my house during the time you activated.
Maybe next time.


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Hi Toru, Andy and Eva,

Nice to see that you was lucky with your activation in Japan. Better than me last July when I tried 3 activations without success.
Have nice stay in Japan and fun with Sota.
73’ Laurent de F8CZI / JI1UOE


Hi Arnaud,
Tnx joining sota ja gathering#5.
The condition was not good and weather also so harsh to us. It was snowing on summit then we have to make QRV short. Eva made ssb qso with ZL.

Hi, Laurent
When you come to JA, next time?
Will activate together at that time.