Mt Miruatza EA2/NV-102


EA2LU Jorge and I decided to visit a summit not frequently visited, just in the border with EA2/SS asociation. It had never been activated on HF before and therefore we decided the visit would be worth it.

Activation date: September 5th 2020


The route starts at the col of Lizarrusti (622 m a.s.l.), where there is a an inn, a refuge and an interpretation center for visitors of the natural park of Aralar.

  • Track length: 2,2 km (one way)
  • Height gain 355 m
  • Elevation: 987 m

The path starts opposite the parking next the road. Our destination was at sight in front of us. We can see this mountain is plenty of trees with no views at all all the way through and the summit is also well covered, as we’ll see later.

The path goes through a nice forest and there are some steep sections.

40 minutes after starting our walk we reached the summit. It was foggy, and that made the scenenry a bit mysterious. The mountain top is indicated by a group of stones circularly distributed:

We approached it and in the center there is a megalithic tomb. In this one only the side stones are present, and the top cover is missing.


EA2LU installed his 20 m random wire next the summit.

I separated a bit further apart to the west, as the summit is flat and long and installed my EFHW tribander. Here you see my aerial near the surrounding trees. It is an autumn picture where the fog provides a curious touch:

Jorge ran on 5, 7, 10 & 14 MHz, CW only, logging 51 qso.
He logged these S2S: F4VPX/P Filipe, DL6CGA/P Armin, EC7ZT/P Manuel, F/HB9AFI/P Kurt on tour, HB9BAB/P Juerg, OE2KLM/P Herwig, SP9MA/P Jarek, HB9BRJ/P Markus and EI9JF/P Nicky.

I ran on 7 and 14 MHz SSB, and monitored also CW for some S2S as well as in VHF FM.

I closed my log with 67 qso, including these S2S: EA2CSC/P Gotzon, HB9DQM/P Manuel, OK1CHP/P Libor, SP9MA/P Jarek, HB9DIZ/P Markus, EC2AG/P Antonio, OK2PDT/P Jan, EA2CW/P Mikel, EB2FDT/P Javi, HB9BRJ/P Markus, EC7ZT/P Manuel, OE2KLM/P Herwig, LA1TPA/P Mads, IK2LEY/P Fabio, OE5JFE/P Joe and EI6FR/P Declan.

I was happy to log many EA S2S in VHF FM this time.

We disassembled and packed and got back to the car chatting about the day.

Thanks all chasers for the qso. See you soon.
73 de Ignacio


Hi Ignacio & Jorge,
Thanks S2S on both CW & SSB.
SP/BZ-010 that I worked from

73, Jarek


Thanks Jarek,
it’s nice to know how about your summit in the other side!
I see weather was a bit better there.

73 CU SN

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Oh yes Ignacio, WX was pretty.
I managed to activate almost 3 hours :wink:
See you soon on frequencies.
73, Jarek

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