Mt Marcy NY state high-point!

Last weekend I did my biennial hike up Mt Marcy W2/GA-001 in the NY Adirondack mountains with a friend. This is the first time I arrived on top as a ham and SOTA activator!

Trailhead sign in.

Mt Marcy is the longest hike I’ve done yet for a SOTA activation approximately 15 miles RT. It is a long day that typically ends at least for me, with bloody toes. Most of the “trails” are stream beds with suitcase sized rocks and after several thousand steps and the resultant bumping of toes it takes a toll on the feet.

Final Summit push!

Summit of Mt. Marcy

I had grand plans of setting up the FT818/Yagi and 6m endfed to work as many stations as possible but my friend wasn’t feeling well once we reached the summit and I had to make the activation quick. I used the FT60R and handheld the Yagi for 9 QSOs. The most remarkable was into Long Island (235 miles). That is my longest QSO to date on 2m FM (5w)!

Skylight Peak, a yet to be activated peak was within striking distance about a mile away. I couldn’t bail on my friend and I’ll have to save that one for another time.

The next morning I drove over to and up Whiteface mountain (site of 1980 Winter Olympics) and picked up 4 quick QSOs before making the long drive home.

Quick 1/2 mile hike up to Whiteface summit.

All in all it was a fine trip that has me eager to get back and activate Skylight!




Well done, Erik! Amazingly, that peak in the middle of New York’s Adirondack Park now has more VHF (2m) SOTA contacts than HF contacts !! Stay well & 73! Mike, WB2FUV


Mike thanks! I was kind of worried about the remoteness factor but it proved to be inconsequential. The peak has a great takeoff angle into the populated areas to the east. I suspect the other >4000’ mountains in the area will work well also for VHF.

If my schedule holds I may be able to nab my first VT peak (W1/GM-008) on Sunday.



Wow. That is a beautiful peak. That’s great that you got good signals on 2m. Congrats.

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