Mt Larrun & La Rhune EA2/NV-118 & F/PO-212 by EA2IF on 23/08/2014

I activated mount Larrun (EA2/NV-118) also called mount La Rhune (F/PO-212) yesterday, August 23rd, 2014.
The summit was pretty much foggy, windy and not very comfortable.

See some nice views taken during the ascent.

I raised alerts from my laptop at home before leaving but they weren’t published or at least I didn’t find them published. I later raised another alert with my smartphone from the mountain but it didn’t got published either.
In this situation, and being in a summit right in the very border between Spain and France I started my activation calling in Spanish and French on 145.525 FM but nobody came back to my calls. Then I went QRT to have luch with my family, which was with me at the summit, together with some few hundreds of tourists.
After lunch I decided to try HF in order to guarantee qualification of this activation.
I installed the 7m telescopic fiberglass pole and the counterpoise wires. A couple of French guys approached me wondering about what I was planning to do with such stuff. I explained them about radioamateur and the SOTA program and they seemed to get pleased and satisfied with the brief explanation.
I firstly activated the Spanish SOTA reference on 30m CW as EA2IF/P and right after 6 QSOs, since I got a message from my wife saying that she and our 3 kids were getting very cold and wanted to descend, I made a very brief pause and started calling with the French SOTA reference as F/EA2IF/P.
I only worked 6 more stations and went QRT.
I’m going to list the 6 QSOs made with each callsign and SOTA reference in order to help my chasers and try to avoid any mistakes, although I tried to repeat callsign and SOTA references quite often.
Activation as EA2IF/P from SOTA EA2/NV-118
DL3DBN at 14:26 UTC
G4SSH at 14:27 UTC
OK1JMK at 14:29 UTC
OE8SPW at 1430 UTC
HB9DGV at 14:30 UTC
DL3JPN at 14:32

Activation as F/EA2IF/P from SOTA F/PO-212
HB9JOE/P at 14:34 UTC (S2S from HB/ZG-001)
OE8SPW at 14:34 UTC
I2CZQ at 14:35 UTC
HB9AFI at 14:35 UTC
HB9CLT at 14:36 UTC
OK2PDT at 14:37 UTC

I know it’s been a very short activation and I’m sorry for that but my family was feeling cold and wanted to descent so they were TOP priority for me.
I know most of you understand this perfectly but I want to say that when I finished my last QSO and explained that I had to QRT because my family needed me, after saying 73 and very sorry but QRT, someone in the pile up called me LID and this is something that I don’t tolerate.
If there was a LID today on 10.119 CW at 13:38 that was YOU!
Let me share with you a couple pictures of the French Basque coast I took before leaving the summit:

Thanks to all my chasers. I hope to get a chance soon to activate longer.
Best 73/72 de Guru - EA2IF to all of you except that LID.


You will surely wonder why this old post has come back to the top without any new post added.
I don’t know why but the fact is that I have been adding pictures to some of my old activation reports. Those reports were written when we had the old Reflector and the pictures couldn’t be embedded at that time.
Since I had some nice pictures of those activations and I have been reclasifying and reviewing them last night and today, I decided to add some of them to the old activation reports.
I’ve done this to several reports and they have not come up to the top but, for some unknown-to-me reason this one has.
I hope you’ll enjoy the added pictures, which make the reports definitely nicer.

I think I’m going to write a new post on all those old activation reports for which I’ve added pictures now, so they will come up to the top and you’ll be able to enjoy them as well as I do.

Best 73 de Guru - EA2IF

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