Mt. Jaun Done Jakue EA2/NV-054

I am taking the chance of my summer holidays to visit new summits at some distance from my town. This time I went to Mt. Jaun Done Jakue (1232 m a.s.l.) with my friend Jorge EA2LU.
We selected this summit because it had never been activated before on HF. Let’s see how it all went.

Driving directions
• Exit Pamplona towards Aoiz (road NA-150)
• Once in Aoiz continue along North towards Nagore (road NA-1720)
• At Nagore, follow straight towards Uriz / Burguete (road NA-1720)
• Turn right the exit towards Imizcoz (asphalt route)
• Pass Imizcoz and follow the narrow asphalt track towards Gorraiz de Arce. (Be cautious with cars crossing opposite!)
• Park at a parking place in the Col of Batia (970m), about 1,5 km after Imizcoz.

• Trail is 2 kilometer long (one way).
• Heigh gain: 255 m.

With such a data it seems an easy summit, but it is not. This mountain is plaged with boxwood plants most of the way up. There is not a clear path to follow and therefore you need to spend more time than estimated at first to progress carefully towards the summit.

When we parked we did a selfie looking backwards at the near impressible wall of Mt. Larrogain, EA2/NV-041 and Peña de Aintzioa, that faces towards us:

It is nice that the clouds at right hand were not passing and didn’t reach our summit!

We started walking towards the summit. This is the view when we started walking althout the true summit is a bit further on and we couldn’t see it from here:

Mountain sticks are almost mandatory to help you when passing through the plants.
See Jorge walking by the dense plant sea near the summit:

Summit is irregular and not big; it is difficult to find a flat area for Dipoles. A vertical could be much more appropriate. The summit is also plaged with these plants. Take precaution to avoid fall off and pay attention while walking around.

We arrived in the summit after 1 hour 15 minutes walking. The summit is marked with this little mountain mailbox:

• Date: wednesday 1th august 2018.
• Stations: Jorge brought his KX2 and I took my LNR LD-5. Both used EFHW antennas.

The single previous activation of this summit, on year 2014, was carried out on VHF FM.

First we both deployed our antennas with difficulty. Jorge used a 5m fishpole but the wire just laid over the taller plants most of his length; nevertheless it seems it worked fine.

Station #1 EA2LU:

I moved a bit further appart to find another spot for me although this time we couldn’t separate as much as we usually do to avoid interference between us.

Station #2 EA2BD:

I had stunning views with some little villages at sight down on the valley.

By the time I started the radio Jorge had already activated on 7 Mhz and 10 MHz CW and he was actually on 14 MHz CW. I decided then to start on 7 MHz SSB. Hopefully I could self spot with my mobile and started Cqing.

My first QSO was Guru, EA2IF/P activating a summit in EA1/CR in the western coast in Spain. I was very glad to chat with my friend and log him first S2S.

Only two more stations were logged in 7 MHz although I stayid calling there for some minutes. Seems poor conditions on the band.

I QSYed to 20 SSB and logged 4 more chasers, receiveing some poor reports and warned about rapid QSB on the band. Jorge told me there were some other activators on 20 SSB and I logged DK2FK/P and HB9DQM/P. Very glad to have them in my log today!
I returned to my cq frequency and kept on logging at a low rate 4 more stations.

Just before closing down my station I QSYed to 20 CW and logged 4 more chasers.

I monitored Sotawatch and tried to work HB9EWO/P and OE/DK3IT/P.
I heard them both with very huge Pile up and although I called them a few times it wasn’t possible for them to hear me with such crowded traffic.

I had a sum of 17 qso in my log while Jorge had 30; it’s not much for a never activated summit on HF, although this could happen when activating on weekdays, specially in summer time.

Jorge took a picture from me when returning to the trig point. Views are amazing:

Our descent from the summit was a bit easier and faster requiring 45 minutes to the parking lot.

All in all a nice day. Thanks chasers and activators and I’ll be doing some more soon.
73 de Ignacio

This last photo shows a group of horses at mid way to the summit. No cows this time here!: