Mt. Iguste EA2/NV-127 by EA2IF/P on 29/11/2020

I went out to Mt. Iguste today with my son and his best friend David and I took my rucksack with the SOTA kit inside, just in case…
I won’t explain anything about the location of this summit as you can review that info in my last year activation report:

The two boys are good fans of the Roman Empire and that’s why, before starting the hike, I took them to see and walk on an authentic Roman road at the Alto de Guirguillano:

From that point, we entered on a mountain dirt road and after a short drive on 4x4, we reached the start point of the hike.
The easy hike was pleasant with nice weather and I was well entertained with the two 10 years old friends conversation about their usual Play Station online games, their favorite youtubers and things like that; things I couldn’t even imagine when I was their age.
We had this view of Alloz water reservoir:

Once at the summit, the boys continued his conversation while eating some sandwich and I setup with my new half wave wire for 30m, which I just prepared on Friday afternoon in order to activate avoiding this and other weekends contest traffic.
The wire was set as a sloper from the top of my old and so many times repaired fishing rod, which is still serving me well, despite being slightly shorter than the original 7m.
My rig was FT-817ND at 5W.

I had not alerted and soon after starting to CQ, I was chased by a couple of non usual SOTA chasers. After a few further unresponded CQ calls on 10.118, I decided to selfspot.
The spot quickly brought several chasers and I enjoyed a very nice pileup. My first QSO was logged at 11h39 and the last one at 12h20. I logged 32 QSOs after about 40 minutes QRV, being all of them in Europe. No DX and no S2S today.

We took a few pictures by the summit cairn before leaving.

Thanks dear chasers for your calls and QSOs today.
I’ll be looking forward to copying you all again soon from a summit.



Hi Guru,
Thanks for nice report.
It is a pite I finished my activation earlier :frowning:
Tell something about black dog with white tie :wink:
73, Jarek

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Jarek are you talking about Guru photo ? :joy:

Hi Jarek,
Yes, it’s a pity we couldn’t S2S today.
Regarding our dog Lucho, I think I said it all here:

Lucho is now 8 years old and he is in perfect good health, enjoying every walk I take him to and every SOTA I do.



Not enough time Guru to work you /P, life is life …
73 y hasta pronto Éric

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Hi Eric @F5JKK,
I wanted to talk to you after you called me yesterday during my afternoon activation of EA2/NV-092, when you called me, I came back to you and then you sent the AS prosign, so I waited, waited and after a few moments, I call you twice without response, so I finally called QRZ and continued my activation. Did you have a phone call, an unexpected visit at home or something like that?


I Remember Guru, was just a station asking SOTA ? and I send AS and after no more copy on you :roll_eyes:

Lo siento si perdí tu tiempo 73

Oh, shame. So you didn’t copy me when I came back to you with your callsign + signal report. I was surely covered by the stronger station asking SOTA? and by the time I finished with my over to you, you just sent the AS prosign and I interpreted that you sent that to me.

P.D. it wasn’t your fault but the station sending SOTA? instead of listening for 1 minute or less, as in that time he would have
copied my chasers, thus confirming that I was there and he probably wasn’t copying me.

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Sorry Guru a week before I was able to contact you from the same summit but over 40m.
the 28/11 on 30m it was not the same thing, the distance was not favorable to me, it is a distance which is not easy, it goes a little over my head :wink:

EA2NV092 28112020

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