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Mt. Etxauri EA2/NV-070 by EA2IF/P on 21/05/2016

My 6 years old son was a bit sick yesterday with some fever, so we decided that we wouldn’t go to the rock climbing place this Saturday morning.
Immediately, I saw that I would be free to activate some other mountain different to the Mt. San Cristóbal I always do on Saturdays because it’s the only activation I can fit in the available time.
I thought of several options and finally decided to do a 4 pointer not far from my QTH which I hadn’t activated since 2014 and its name, Etxauri, is the name of the birth village of my mother, his father (my grandfather) and several other ancestors of her family.
Today I was planning an ascent through a different track I found on Wikiloc from the village of Muniain de Guesalaz.
Here you can see the location of this mountain with respect to Pamplona and my QTH.

This is the Etxauri range. A very attractive place for rock climbers.

The drive took me longer than expected because I found a cyclist race on my way but it was nice to drive the mountain road along with the amateur cyclists. It’s hard to calculate, but I would estimate there were nearly 700 to 1000 participants. Amazing!

Well, I parked my car by a dirt road near the little village of Muniain de Guesalaz and started the hike through a not too steep and very easy to follow path which soon entered into a delicious beautiful forest.

Did I ever tell you that I love the bleech trees forests?

At one point inside the bleech trees forest, the track turned sharply to the left and the track changed into this:

After 36 minutes hike, with just a couple of very brief pauses to take the previously shown pictures, we got to the summit.

The ermitage provided good shelter against the wind blowing from the NorthEast. I attached the fishing pole to the trig point and kept the endfed wire elevated by tieing the extension nylon cord to the barbed wire on the roof of the ermitage.
A couple of mountaneers kindly accepted my request to take me the following pictures while I was operating 20m CW.

This is the log of today’s operation:

And this is the S2S log:

A total of 72 QSOs and 13 S2S. Great!

When I finished the operation and I had packed everything up, I took a few pictures before leaving the summit:

This is a different view of Mt. Etxauri summit from a different point of view seen on my drive back home.

I enjoyed very much this activation with so many S2S QSOs.
Thank you very much for your calls and QSOs and I’ll be looking forward to copying you again soon.

Best 73 from Guru.


Hi Guru,
Just to show you my side of our s2s QSO today.

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Thanks for posting your pictures, dear Heinz.
It’s very interesting to see others set-up and also how different lanscape you had there.
The Alps are so beautiful…!
Temperatures here today were very warm. My car thermometer reading was 29°C this afternoon at 16h30 (CET) 14h30 utc.
Now, as forecasted, everything is cloudy and the typical `revious winds are blowing preparing for the thunderstorms later…
Best 73 from Guru


Thank Guru, the S2S qsos between the battle of the 40 meters.

greetings EC2AG

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Incredible log Guru !!! and 13 S2S !!! woww that’s amazing !
Never in my dreams would i be able to achieve so many contacts on a Sota over here !

I am thinking there could be some kind of superior ionization / propagation going on in Europe ??
Or is it that there are just so many more hams globally within your range in Europe ? especially compared tu us here in Quebec,Canada.

Congratulations on this nice sota activation.


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Hi Eric,
I definitely think it is just a question of hams population density. Europe is a much smaller territory with a much higher population density compared to Northamerica, hence the hams population density is higher too.
Also, since SOTA was started in Europe, there seems to be a wider interest on SOTA and a higher number of participants within the European ham community. This is just my impression. I don’t really have any data to support this statement.
All this, together with activating on a Saturday or Sunday morning, plus remaining for a long time transmitting from the summit while changing bands/modes to give everyone the chance to chase that activation, along with an experienced operator handling the pile-ups quite efficiently, is the perfect combination for sucess and a log full with dozens of QSOs.
Best 73, Eric, and I’ll be looking forward to chasing you again soon across the pond or here in Europe, should you wish to come over some time.