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Mt Etxauri EA2/NV-070 and S2S

Hello, I was busy last days and couldn’t tell about this activation yet.
Last Monday the 6th I went hiking with my wife. I chose an easy hike of 4 km long.

The morning was overcast and temperature when we started walking was abt 10C. We arrived in the summit and to avoid disturbing some other climbers I stayed apart and deployed my random wire antenna.

I wasn’t expecting much activity for a Monday but had a lot of success with S2S.

First in the log was a VHF S2S qso with EA2EEB activating a summit in my area EA2/NV-186.

After some more VHF with the local friends I switched to 20m SSB. Again the first in the log there was another S2S with OE5YYN/P. I could hear Sylvia there and after calling S2S a few times and with the help of EA2DT who warned her we could complete the qso.

My own pile up ended with the US DX of AC1Z. Then EA2IF Guru warned me about the activation of mount Teide, the highes Canary island peak, being activated by. EA8/M1EYP/P in 20m CW. I qsy’ed and found him there with a pile-up.

Again I sent S2S for several times but had to wait for some minutes until Tom came back asking /P?. Wow, what a jump I did! I sent the call and soon we completed the exchange. What a nice qso.

Afterwards I tried to find a clear qrg but meanwhile I found and completed another S2S with OE5EEP/P.

I had some more qso in 20 CW when I decided to end running 30m CW. After a few qso and just before going QRT as my wife was feeling a bit cold waiting for me, I found LA9XGA/P and soon logged with him my last S2S of the day.
While dismantling and packing I explained my wife I couldn’t afford giving this last a call…

My wife gently waiting for me while reading aside the small chappel in the summit. Far end on the valley the town of Pamplona.

Some horses and the views towards west when goind down. Peak Beriain NV-015 is the highest at right hand side.

Thanks all chasers and activators. See you soon, VY 73