Mt. Eltxumendi - EA2/NV-132 by EA2IF/P on 29/03/2015

My old friend Javier - EA2GM is originally from Pamplona, as I am and we are good friends since we started the hobby back in the early 80’s. He is now living in Oviedo, about 500 Km West of our birth land Navarra, so we see each other very Little and we mainly have contact by HF and Whatsapp.
Some months ago he started chasing SOTA and he was going to do his first ever activation with me today taking advantage of a trip he’s made to Pamplona for family reasons this weekend.
When we were just about to meet this morning he sadly announced me by 2m FM he had to cancel as he needed the morning to finish other tasks he had.
So I headed on my own to the small village of Oteiza de Berrioplano for my third activation of Mt. Eltxumendi, which, by the way, has been the very first one with no rain!

As soon as I started the hike I was delighted with the view of this very cute little horse.

The sky was grey but it looked like it wasn’t going to rain. The views were beautiful as I was getting higher.

The bigger town you can see down in the flat is Pamplona, the capital city of Navarra, with the mount San Cristóbal seen on the left, That’s the one I use to activate every Saturday morning.

After a sometimes very muddy track, my dog Lucho and I got finally to the Summit:

In a short time I got the set-up ready to go.

A closer look of the 3 way coax switch I use now as a base for the GP mobile antennas and the 2 wire radials. After having kept it in a junk box for some years because I burned it with the help of some QRO, I have refurbished it and got it back to life. I love keeping apparently useless things for some long time and finding one day a good use for them :smile:

Here you can see my gear in the wooden rack and working inside my rucksack.

I had announced my start at 9:00 utc and the first QSO was logged at 9:05 on 20m CW. Not bad…
I stayed away of SSB this weekend due to the WPX contest being taking place.
The run on 20m was superb and I amazed with the huge pile up. Some times it was simply impossible to pick up any 2 consecutive letters of a callsign, as there were too many strong signals one over the other .
However, I managed to pick up one by one and work everybody little by little in a bit less than half an hour.
33 QSOs were logged in 27 minutes on 20m CW.
1 QSO only was logged on 15m CW
Nothing was logged on 10m CW, despite my several CQ calls.
Then I switched to 2m FM, where I found and worked Alberto EA2DCA/P first and Cruz EA2EBX/P later from their respective SOTAs in EA2/VI region.
Also worked Jorge EA2LU on 2m FM, who let me know about Marcial EA2BDS/P activating at that same time from another SOTA in EA2/VI on 20m CW, so when nobody else replayed to my calls on 2m, I QSYed back to 20m and managed to make the third S2S QSO of the day.
At about half past noon (local) I packed up everything and started my descent.

I found a 4 legged QRM on my frequency:

I approached it and after taking this closer picture, I convinced it to QSY and let me continue :wink:

Thank you very much everybody and have a good week.
Best 73 de Guru.


Dear Guru, I am really sad because it was a perfect day to meet with you and work this beautiful summit together. You know it’s difficult to make plans during these quick visits to Pamplona due to the family duties. Moreover, I tried to chase you but was not possible as a result of a power outage in our neighborhood area. Murphy´s laws were fulfilled perfectly.

I hope to work other great summit together, very soon!!

Nice photographs, as always!!

Best 73!!

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