Mt. Elomendi EA2/NV-037 by EA2IF/P on 26/01/2014

Today’s activation was absolutely great.
I parked the car and started the hicking by 7h30 UTC. I reached the summit by 9h10 UTC and got the antennas installed and the FT-817 rig + antenna tuner connected by 9h40 UTC.

I worked 2m-FM, then 30m-CW, then 20m-CW, then 12m-CW, then 2m-FM again and finally 30m-CW until the batteries died out at about 11h30
The day was great, over 10 degrees, with just some fog mainly at the South side of the summit, but no wind, no rain and the sun even managed to pass through the fog in the early afternoon. Everything worked fine.
I finally collected 76 QSOs.
I want to thank all the chasers having QSO with me this morning.
I’ll look forward to copy you again soon from/on another summit.

In reply to EA2IF:
Hallo mr. Guru. Thankyou werry much ur activity and qso Gracias Guru. 73Vlad om1ax

In reply to OM1AX:
Thank you Vlad. When you called me this morning, I recalled your callsign from our QSO yesterday when you were activating OM/TN-023.
Thank you so much for that contact.
I’m sure we’ll meet again many more times.
Take care and keep doing sota.
73 de Guru - EA2IF

In reply to EA2IF:

Thanks for this contact today, on my favorite band 30 mtrs. Because of this contact, I reached after abt. 3 years 1000 unique summits.

Thank you … I hope to work you much more times in the future.

73, PA9CW Tonnie

In reply to EA2IF:
Hello Guru!
Nice to work you yesterday on 30m.
As my KX3 was just on the antenna (triband-dipole),
I worked you with only 10W …hi.
Good ears!

73 de Chris, OE3CHC

In reply to PA9CW:
Dear PA9CW, I couldn’t find your name on
I’m glad to have given you the 1000th unique summit and I hope to give you some or many more in the future.
We have an interesting number of them over here and I enjoy this SOTA program, which let us combine mountain and radio, so I’m pretty sure we’ll have the chance to QSO again soon from a summit.
I also like 30m very much. It’s a very good band for sota, long and short skips at the same time and no contests taking place there, so less QRM.
Take care.
73 de Guru - EA2IF

In reply to OE3CHC:
Dear Chris,
It was very nice for me to work you too.
You were using 10w and I was using 5w only, so you had good ears too, :slight_smile:
I like and use to work QRP so I’m used to copy tiny signals.
I always like to give the QRPers a chance when I manage to copy them or notice their presence at the bottom of the pile-up.
Hope to CUAGN SN.
73 de Guru - EA2IF

In reply to PA9CW:
Congrats, Tonnie!
We will go now to earn the horns (goat ones, of course…)
73 and Zorionak!

In reply to EA2CW:

Thanks for the Zorionak… I noticed you logged me as PA0CW in the SOTA log last weekend. So now I have no *… :frowning:

Good luck and maybe I will work you, when I’m in Ireland doing some SOTA activation begin februari.

CU, PA9CW, Tonnie.

In reply to PA9CW:

Ups! really sorry, Tonnie, I’ll fix today. what could be running on my head? :frowning:
Perhaps the time to make a Brain OS update has arrived…

Now I’m working many hours during sota hours and unfortunately my QRV time has been reduced to almost 0, but if I read your alerts while to Ireland, I’ll try to find some way to QSO EI/PA9CW. I would love to be there with you, what a beautiful land! ( as yours is too, of course)

73 de Mikel

I have edited this old activation report to add some few pictures.