Mt. Belastegi EA2/NV-144 by EA2IF/P on 17-04-2014

I had again the pleasure on activating another new unique today. Mt. Belastegi, EA2/NV-144.

A total of 33 QSOs were logged after having worked on 2, 12, 20, 30 and 40m bands and 2 of them were S2S on 2m FM.

However, I had the feel that my signal was a bit too weak today from this summit. The summit is small and it’s full with telecommunication antennas and lots of fences, towers and buildings related to these services, so there was very little room for me to place the antenna and it was not as open as I’d have liked it to be.
It possibly was that the SFI was not as high as it’s been some days or weeks before. However let me explain as well that this mountain may have some high RF absorving properties according to what I’ve read about this mount Belastegi at the page

Se indica también que la montaña posee la propiedad de producir la descarga violeta de las nubes tormentosas, que aunque benignas a primera vista, terminan arrojando tremendas pedriscos sobre los pueblos aledaños. Esta propiedad era atribuida a ciertas cavidades volcánicas y a la peculiar composición mineral que se atribuía a la montaña. En estas tormentas se llegaron a formar hundimientos que al llenarse de agua dieron lugar a ciertas lagunas.

Fortunately the WX was like in a real summer day: clear blue sky and warm temperature with no any traces of storms.

See some pictures I took before leaving the summit:

Thanks to all chasers for your calls and QSOs.
I’ll be looking forward to CU AGN SN.
Best 73 de Guru - EA2IF

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In reply to EA2IF:
Hi Guru!
I’ve tried to “chase” you on 24,14,and 10 without success…
Perhaps Mendikat is right and some kind of damnation pends over that summit!
73 de Mikel

In reply to EA2CW:
Dear Mikel,
I’m very sorry for your unsuccessful chasing over 3 different bands.
I copied you calling me at least 3 times at 16:37 utc on 30m and I came back to you after all of them but you didn’t come back. After you 3 calls and my subsequent responses, I even called you a couple of times saying your callsign twice and giving you the signal report, but NIL was heard from your side, so I continued with my CQ calling.
I’ll send you a picture of my log for you to see your callsign written down on it at the mentionned time and band but crossed over because the QSO couldn’t finally get completed.
Unexpectedly I tried 40m at the end of the activation and EB2CZF managed to complete QSO with me on that band, so you may have been able to do it too, but I didn’t spend much time on 40m as it was getting late and wanted to pack and descent to get home not too late.
Well, I hope next time you’ll make it.
Take care.
73 de Guru - EA2IF

I have editted this old activation report to add some few pictures.
I hope you’ll enjoy them.