Mt. A Lagoa EA1/CR-034 by EA2IF/P on 23/12/2018

Hi all,
After many, many weeks without activating in my home area EA2/NV, I have finally made it today on the first day of our Christmas season holidays, which we will spend in EA1/CR, the birth land of my wife where we also have a QTH.
We drove yesterday from Pamplona (EA2/NV) to Ferrol (EA1/CR)

and as soon as I woke up this morning and found a whatsapp message from Ignacio EA2BD informing that himself and Jorge EA2LU were on their way to a SOTA activation, I got up and prepared to go to Mt. A Lagoa, the 1 pointer north of Ferrol to try to S2S with them.

Unfortunately, I got too late to my summit and my friends had already finished their activation.
The summit was windy and I struggled a bit to get the 7m telescopic fishing rod tied to the trig point cylinder and all the rest of the station set up.
I was about to start CQing on 14.062 CW when one activator started his CQ SOTA, so I gave him a call and I started my log with a S2S.
Then I QSYed 1 Kc down and another activator was calling CQ SOTA, so I also gave him a call and logged my second QSO, which was my 2nd S2S too.
Being 14.061 and 14.062 busy with SOTA activations, I decided to start CQing on 14.063, so the chasers would have 3 SOTA activations within 3 KHz on 20m CW.
I selfspotted:
and after my 2 initial S2S QSOs, I only logged 9 QSOs in 24 minutes.

Then I QSYed to 30m and selfspotted again:
Conditions seemed to be much better on this band and I logged 16 QSOs in 17 minutes.

When 30m dried up, I QSYed to 20m SSB, but before selfspotting, I changed my mind and decided to QSY to 40m SSB, where I selfspotted on the same frequency where EA6LU had been activating and had just gone QRT a few minutes earlier.
This 40m SSB activity brought an amazing pile-up and I logged 48 QSOs, one of which was a S2S, in just 27 minutes, which means nearly 1.8 QSOs per minute over nearly half an hour.
I enjoyed very much this activation although I had to apologise and go QRT when there still were several chasers calling me on 40m SSB, but I had to be back home in time for a lunch in a restaurant with my family.

This is the full log of today’s activation with 74 QSOs:


This is the S2S log:

Thanks dear chasers.
It was a pleasure for me to be back on the air from a summit after so long.
Merry Christmas and 73,