MrryXmas & "complete" report in database not working properly?

Hello Fellow SOTA enthousiasts and hard working volunteers. Let me start by wishing you a Merry Christmas and a very good and extremely summitfull new year. As an IT specialist of sorts i am aware that maintaining a system like the SOTA database is a huge task and i am grateful and honored to be part of this “Schema”. :slight_smile: Am i the only one that has problems getting the complete log in the my results section ? (system url: SOTA Database ). The spinner stays on and the score is fixed at 0. Download allso yields only header line.

Thank you in advance for possibly taking a look at this issue and even fixing it. Will you let me know if there is anything i can do to help ?

Have a great time , enjoy your holidays and 72/73 …

You haven’t completed any SOTA summits yet so your SOTA complete log is empty. That’s why the score is 0.


Is the problem in the definition of complete? ie. A summit you have activated and chased.

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It could well be Andrew.

Aha , i misunder understood the query i was using. Thank you!

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Btw Andy that reminds me that the SOTA Complete Roll of Honor is imho not working correct when filtering for a year:

On filtering for a year it displays only summits that achieved the ‘complete’ status by an activation (in that year).
Chases (of activated summits) in that particular year don’t count in that view.

Of example looking at the log I have 39 completes this year (2022) but only 19 show up.

If I shall submit via the contact form please let me know.

73 Joe


Joe - You’re right…

When I add up the individual years, I have a shortfall compared to the total…

Something doesn’t add up.

Sometimes more are displayed in each year and sometimes less

73 Armin

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This is a semantics issue, not a bug per se. The yearly view shows the summits that you both activated and chased that year ie the summits that were complete in that year, if only that year’s log was taken into account.

It does not show summits that were “completed” during that year - ie had a chase or activation in a previous year and an activation or chase in that year.

It does consider both activations and chases, and I suspect that the confusion in your case is that all the chases were in previous years to the year the activations took place.


. . . and what is the semantics here? I would expect here a fulltime consideration. A year-by-year select seems theoretic for me.

73, DIZ

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Yes. And from my point of view that is not logical.
Complete is reached with chasing and activating a summit. This timestamp of that event is what counts.

That’s why so many find it confusing.

Take that query used here:

Groupby year in ‘Complete Date’ and count. That’s what is logical.

My 2 cents

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It works the same as all the other pages where there is a date selection and it’s been like this since 2013.

. . . so careful, this will expire then probably next year, hi.

73, Markus