Greeting from the shed of build,

Here in deepest darkest cornwall.

Its not just about Gear being good for going up Sotas.
We chasers have to improve our lot too.

So currently undertaking the 10M Moxon beam build as 10m is slowly opening up for the Autumn / winter period and feel the need to improve my lot on 10m over the FW 40M delta loop. PLUS ITS THE OLD 6M 4 EL YAGI been recycled into the 10m Moxon beam :slight_smile:

KARL 2E0FEH down in the shed of build.


Finally got me first 10m Sota in a long time from OE/OO-442 BUT off the FW loop 40m Hoz HB Delta wire loop.

Progress is coming along, but never fast enough LOL as this time of year am shower dodging LOL.

Karl 2E0FEH

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What diameter tube are you using and does it need support? And how are you going to feed it, ladder line?


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ITS an old 6m beam been repurposed 10MM Ali tubing and yes will need support lines am curranty working on today. Using tensioners like in tent type, home made of course.


Greetings once again One and All.

Been kinda busy in and out of the shack today as another warmish fine day to crack on with the 10M moxon.

Today we got the elements onto the boom brackets and nigh on into place.

And messed around setting up support bridge lines using some nice tent 3mm cord and chopping blocks bits to make tensioners for the Cords as found elements a bit flimsy and defo in need of some form of support.

Idea is to bare its weight under support tension of small amount and keep its shape also in this manner.

Don’t forget this is a throw together bits and bobs from an old 6m beam and other bits one has kicking about. Provided this all works, then move onto the 3 El version with added director on front and prob then get new Ali tubing lengths and do a better job of course. Possible go for 12mm next time as use this one as a work off for better design and stronger etc. But won’t be till into 2013 when can afford more Ali tubing etc etc. Defo want to extend the Boom element brackets to wider especially at the front drive Element, so one can get another pair of isolator clamps on like the back element has. Thus make the element more stable.

10m has been interesting today among chasing the Sota on 20m from F to UR Sotas and a couple also on 10m and now WORKING TA4/G4IJD ON 10M.

2E0FEH DOWN in the shed of build in Kernow


Yes indeed. I heard a ZS1 who was unbelievably loud plus plenty of exotica including a YI station with a healthy pile up and V31XX in Belize with the mother of all EU pileups. I worked F and I from my summit and was happy then worked VU2DSI just like that. Made up for leaving my coat in the car… :frowning:


What times would be best for 10m? I might get out to a local summit to try it out.

Looking at Andy’s log 1414 to 1431 UTC. I worked Canada at 1300UTC on 28MHz but signals were weak (they were better on 12m) so it gets better as the afternoon goes on.

Using a Mox on a push up mast in the garden, 12m Has been rocking from Cumbria (UK) plenty of VK and ZL around 8-9am local, then opening to JA YL as the morning gos on, US stations loud from around 1pm local. 10m Not quite doing it from here at present, I do have quite high local noise level centred on 28.500 from a neighbours house though.

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12m sounded lively yesterday but no suitable twig!

I wanted to stay longer to see if there was going to be some good propagation into Southern Africa but I haven’t been out with the main SOTA bag for a while and ensuring I had log paper, all the antennas to play with, both poles etc. I managed to leave my windproof and warm jacket in the car. I only had a fleece and my thick subcutaneous layers of fat to keep me warm. It was probably about 6-7C with the windchill and it just got too cold so I retreated back to the car and the heated seats.

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No Sota,s reached as yet but yesterday did reach YC, states AZ, MA and NY and also into LU :-))

Did hear one US Sota but to weak to hear but on the loop nowt heard



How did you make the corners of the elements?
Did you just bend the aluminium tube or did you get some elbow connectors from somewhere?

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PIPE BENDERS :slight_smile:


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