Just before Phil chased after Stella, the BBC announced a new programme that might be of interest to SOTA.

It’s a programme called “MOUNTAIN” where a well known actor whose name I forgot (hihi) will be climbing british mountains.

Coming soon on BBC 1.


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From BBC website:

Griff Rhys Jones/Ultimate Outdoor Season - Mountain

A new series for BBC One presented by Griff Rhys Jones, it’s on BBC One, Sunday 29 July at, 9pm. He’s travelling the length of the UK on the country’s highest mountain peaks - Wales, The Lake District, The Pennines, Central Scotland and the North West Highlands of Scotland.

Alas Smith and Jones, now I know where I’ve seen him before.

Do I get bonus points now?

Looks like an interesting series though


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First seen on “Not the 9 o clock news” - I did recognise Tryfan on the advert. Re your other post Peter, it`s a pleasure to work you from the summits & your 5Mhz reports are always of interest.
73 Steve G1INK.

I aim to please Steve :). I hope a report from a station “overseas” on 60m is always interesting.


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First episode Sunday 29th July 9pm BBC1. Five episodes in toto. Starting in Northern Scotland - might see Robin PKT!!!

73 Glyn

I was thinking to myself yesterday while watching “Countryfile” on BBC1.

Might it not be a good idea to show what SOTA is all about on this programme? SOTA is very much as “countrylife” as the morris dancers they showed yesterday…

Can someone contact John Craven? Instant fame guaranteed for the activator :-).


Don’t forget this evening gents, the first episode !!


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So what did people think?


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Thanks for the tip off Peter, I would not have seen this if it had not been mentioned here. I watched Mountain and then turned over to see Wainwright’s Walks on BBC 4. The episode was the assent of G/LD-003 Helvellyn (950m, 10 points) via Striding Edge. Some fantastic photography and stunning views in both episodes.

GM/NS-020 Ben Hope looked like I could tackle it but it would have to be in summer for me. GM/NS-060 Suilven - Caisteal Liath - 731m, 4 points looked quite a hard one and a difficult one to get to which may be why it is unactivated as yet. GM/SI-002 Sgurr Dearg - Inaccessible Pinnacle - 986m, 6 points in the Cuillin Hills on the Isle of Skye scared the socks off me. Considering Griff Rhys Jones is an alleged novice it is quite some achievement.
The Striding Edge route up Helvellyn shown in Wainwright’s Walks is maybe not the one I would choose but I can see it will bug me if I never get to do it after seeing it, even though it did make me somewhat twitchy just to watch it.

The best television I have seen for a while, but then it is the only television I have seen for a while ;o)

It might be worth a reminder each Sunday that it is on.

Thanks Steve GW7AAV

Sunday Herald interview with Griff Rhys Jones at

I thoroughly enjoyed Mountain. Did almost want to go myself. Especially the first one in the snow really did it for me. And the filming was very good as well.

Except for the one on Skye. That mountain looked lethal :).

As we can’t watch BBC4 here I cannot comment on Wainwright’s walks but have seen a series on BBC before and it was also very good.

Will put a spot next sunday afternoon as a reminder.


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Probably the same series Peter, but I missed it the first time around. According to the BBC web site they are making a second series of Wainwright’s Walks, so there is something else to look forward to. I have to say that although Julia Bradbury is easier on the eye I preferred Griff’s “burbling” style of presentation (his word not mine).


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Unfortunately I missed “mountain” last night, because at the time it was broadcast I was on the summit of one myself, hi.

Does anyone know if any repeats of last nights episode are due to be screened? or if anyone recorded it I would love a copy to watch.

73 Mike GW0DSP

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I`ve invested in “Sky Plus” - it records the whole series at the press of a button.

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You rotten devil Steve, you just made me green with envy. I wonder if your sky plus box has the facility to put recorded programmes onto dvd?

Thanks for the uniques yesterday and for the s2s

73 Mike GW0DSP

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I too used Sky + to set recording for the whole series, but due to the late text from a friend of mine to tell me about Helvellyn on BBC4 I watched that instead and will watch Mountain tonight. Mike, if you want a DVD with the first one on it let me know and I will pass contact info to you so we can arrange.
I was so disappointed that I didnt know about the Wainrights Walks series, would loved to have seen the series. Well at least with this thread and others in the future we might be able to set up a telly thread system for all outdoor programs.

Cheers all

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Hi Lee, that’s very kind of you and thanks.

Yes please, put as many episodes on the dvd as it will take, if thats not being too cheeky, hi.

Let me know the cost of the blank dvd and postage so that I can reimburse you.

73 Mike GW0DSP/P

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No probs Mike, I will compile a DVD of the whole series for you, not sure how many there are going to be, but will keep you posted.


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not sure how many there are going to be, but will keep you posted.

I think there`s only 5 programs.

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I really emjoyed the program; I’ve never “done” Ben Hope and after last night I am wondering why! I hadn’t heard about the Suilven bothy, it really sounds like a boon, that horrendous boggy walk-in and then out in one day is purgatorial!

A question: I missed the start of the climb on Skye (answering the door - grrr!) but from the bit I saw it looked like Bruach na Frithe, am I right? This is supposed to be the easiest peak in the range…but I have my doubts!

A super program, well worth cutting the SSTV net for!


Brian G8ADD