Mountain Hunter Gold

Many thanks to Barry, N1EU today for giving me my second W2 SOTA and elevating me to Gold MH.
It’s been a struggle - much harder than Shack Sloth!

The noise level at my home QTH makes copying NA SOTA station difficult, so I had no alternative but take to the hills to do some slothing.
Barry’s alert today was the bait to hit the hills and hopefully get a second W2 association in the bag.
So thanks to Barry, my first transatlantic S2S and the missing contact for the MH Gold status.

Now the uphill struggle for Platinum :slight_smile:

In reply to G4ISJ:

The killer for most people in reaching Platinum is needing to work 3 continents. We do have activity in Asia with S. Korea being on the air regularly but that is normally VHF only. Africa is on infrequently with EA8, ZS and now CT3. For Australia, activity is building nicely with stations QRV in VK3 and VK5. Of course, Europe is easy for you and the USA is a bit harder.

Anyone looking for activity outside of Europe and North America should remember that Milos S57D will be QRV from CT3/MI-004 this coming Monday sometime. He may well be easier to chase than VK. But if 28MHz plays then perhaps not.


Congratulations Pete on achieving the Gold Mountain Hunter award.

Jimmy 2E0EYP