Mountain Goat

Congratulations to Doug, W1DMH, of the W1-USA association for achieving his 1,000th activation point yesterday. In a massive effort, Doug earned 187 points in the last 12 days by activating in 4 states and Canada. Now to get them all posted!

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Congratulations Doug! Great to have a Goat in W1
Tom, N2YTF

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Congratulations on achieving goatdom Doug and WTG on the last 12 days activations!

Karen 2E0XYL

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You wait for an NASOTA goat and then two come along at once!

Congratulations to Doug W1DMH and also to Fred KT5X who also hit 1000pts this weekend.


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Congratulations to you also Fred :slight_smile:


Congratulations Doug and Fred on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy 2E0EYP

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Congratulations, Doug! I’m in awe!
Phil, N1UNH

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Congratulations to Fred and Doug, a job well done.



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Congratulations Fred and Doug.
73, Frank

Many congratulations Fred and Doug on achieving Goatdom, particularly as SOTA in the States has been going for a relatively short time. Your dedication has certainly paid off.

73, Gerald G4OIG

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Wow that’s amazing! Great job Doug… How are your legs? :slight_smile:

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Wow that’s amazing! Great job Doug… How are your legs? :slight_smile:

Thanks. Legs are fine, knees a little sore :wink: But I am ready for some more.

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Sore knees? All you have to do is eliminate the down hill part. That’s what makes my knees sore…probably you too. Maybe there’s a hill that has no down part? You just live up there? Or you switch frequencies and have Donald Trump’s Eurocopter come get you? What if you descend facing backward? Maybe you come down on the ski lift but do the climb on foot…then the people on the lift would see you climbing and say “that poor blighter hasn’t the cash to even take the lift”. You could hold out a tin cup at the top and make enough to pay for some sore knee balm.
Elliott, K6ILM
Chaser Clown

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Two ski poles here, and they are just as important if not more on the down hill as you say :slight_smile: There is an elevator on Whiteface in NY, and I was so tempted, after doing the 260 foot stair climb to make it official, I so wanted to try that elevator. It would make a good SOTA story. It is too bizarre, an elevator!

New York State Route 431 - Wikipedia