Mountain Goat Trophies

We wish to acknowledge and thank W1DMH, Doug Houston, who was(and is) the second MG in North America. Doug came to our November club meeting and surprised us with the engraved Ice Block trophies.
We might not have ordered them for ourselves, but having them in hand, do think they are quite nice and are pleased and very much enjoy having them. Thanks Doug for your thoughtfulness.

This raises the question of the status of the once-active tradition of each Goat purchasing a trophy for the next Goat. Is this still an active process and how do we determine the line of succession so that we do not break the chain?

Merle KB1RJD

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There is a NA list to be found in the files section on the NA SOTA Yahoo group… I think your best bet is to look/ask there…

Richard // N2GBR

The other issue is if a new Mountain Goat wants special engraving on that trophy. In my case I would want “All W0C Uniques” engraved in a bought one.

73, Brad

This tradition started when the first MG outside Europe, KT5X, told me he didn’t want a trophy. I arranged for someone else to pay for his, with special lettering, and he paid for another one, for W1DMH, who qualified 48 hours after KT5X. Beyond the complications stated by Merle and Herm, other reasons for balking are the time required to arrange and follow through on a trophy order, inability to find the cash to pay for it, and difficulty determining who was next. Maybe it’s time to find another tradition, such as being the first to congratulate the next guy and welcoming him/her to the herd. Could someone do a poll on the NaSota Yahoo Group?? Thanks.

Elliott, K6EL
Sota MT

Thanks for the input Richard, Brad and Elliott.
With a bit of research we are pretty confident that Brad WA6MM next achieved MG following ours of Oct 1.
Even though the chain of tradition has undoubtedly been broken many times in recent years, we know of other times when it was not.
We appreciated W1DMH’s generosity and thoughtfulness in surprising us with our trophies. It would please us to pay it forward and Brad has kindly accepted. .
Merle KB1RJD
Madison, NH