Mountain Goat PA3FYG & XYL Jose

Thanks for all the nice words to me.

My xyl Jose is very much responsible for this effort.
No, she did not carry my equipment, but she is responsible for the food and water department and got expert in placing and removing radials. She has an good eye for objects to put my vertical against. She is also responsible for moral support and driving on roads not meant to be driven by a normal car.

By the way, she must have a title also, if there is an female equivalent for Mountain Goat. She joined me most of the expeditions and I figured out that she can claim 1095 of the 1171 points now!

We activated 28 summits this holiday ( DM/TH, DM/SX, SP/BZ, SP/SZ, SP/KA, OK/KR,OM/ZA, DM/BM, DM/HE) , with 190 points. I made about 900 QSOs, so I cant complain. Only the last 3 days were hard, LH-weekend and very hot. Last Monday was the only day that I was glad to get 6 qso’s at all on the first summit. Also hard to find the top of DM/HE-427, on the edge of a quarry and the planned road was under construction. The actual highest point was not the one from the SOTA list and some other maps but 250m SE and not 268m but abt. 293m high!

Our stay in ( South ) Poland was very nice, and I activated from the my association 13 ( SP ) and 14 ( OM ).

Special thanks to Franci S57ILF who often worked me first ( without Internet support ).

Pictures on my website soon.

Thanks all who worked me (and placed a spot )

All done with my new 5000mAh 4 cell LiPo, 2nd one not needed even with 2 activations and abt. 25-40w output.( FT-897D, SSB )

I will upload DLFF,OKFF,SPFF also.

73 de Hans PA3FYG

In reply to PA3FYG:
Hoi Hans,

Mooi verhaal (nice story)
Tot zaterdag! (see you soon in Bentheim DNAT Saterday)
Leuk je zo vaak te werken vanaf een berg (nice to work you from the mountains.

73 sake, pa0skp