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Ayer sabado 5/9/2015 logramos llegar a los 1000 puntos como activador.

Primera actividad: EA2/BI-056 SERANTES 15/1/2011 Primer qso: EA2EX

Ultima: EA1/BU-023 UMION 5/9/2015 Primer QSO:EA2CKX PEDRO
Ultimo qso: EB2AOC Javi

Han sido muchas horas…muchas cumbres…muchos km…exactamente 4 años…9 meses…y 5 dias…y 467 actividades para poder conseguir ese reto,con la inestimable compañia de mi mujer Bego ella igual lo merece mas que yo.

Desde aqui quiero agradecer a todos lo que ayer consiguieron cazarme,dandome su apoyo y muestras de cariño.

Tambien dar las gracias a lo que alguna vez me acompañaron en alguna cumbre,sin ellos seguramente no habria sido posible

Ahora seguiremos buscando nuevos retos en mente ya hay alguno y espero teneros en mi log.

Primera actividad 2011

Ultima actividad 2015

EC2AG 73""


09/05/.2015 On Saturday we reach 1000 points as an activator.

First activity: EA2 / BI-056 SERANTES 15/1/2011 FIRST QSO EA2EX

Last: EA1 / BU-023 UMION 05/09/2015 FIRST QSO: EA2CKX PETER

There have been many hours … many summits … many km … exactly four years … 9 months and 5 days and 467 activities… … to get that challenge, with the inestimable company of my wife Bego as she deserves more than me.

From here I want to thank everyone who got yesterday hunt me, giving me their support and tokens of affection.

Also thank you once accompanied me on a summit, but they certainly would not have been possible

Now we continue to seek new challenges in mind and no longer any hope to have you in my log.

EC2AG 73""


Very well done Antonio.

Many thanks for the QSO’s on your way to Mountain Goat.

73 Mick M0MDA

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Congratulations on the achievement. Thank you also for all the FB S2S contacts between us.

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Great work done, Antonio and Begoña (Bego)
It’s been a long term task indeed and you have finally achieved the prestigious Mountain Goat status after many, many days of big effort, mileage and dedication.
:+1: :clap:

73, Guru