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Mountain Goat #2 for Mario, HB9HAT

Dear all

HB9 has a big SOTA community, so there are milestones to note every now and then. Congratulations today to Mario, HB9HAT, for a 2nd SOTA Mountain Goat. He got the necessary credits on Piz Ot, HB/GR-039, an impressive summit in his region.

Mario has built up his SOTA score over many years, preferring the “top bands” of our mountains, i.e. the alpine summits, mostly in his home state HB/GR, the Grisons. Mario is seen on the summits from time to time with Guido, HB9TNF.

Mario, enjoy your success and many SOTA trips to come!

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ


Congrats, Mario!

Congratulations, Mario !

Gary W5GDW

Congratulations, Mario, 2xMG!!

Andy, N4LAG

impressive statistics, congratulations Mario

73 de hb9fvk (ruedi)