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Mountain escape or R9U/SO-013 activation



In the Republic of Bashkortostan, where both participants of activation live, it is allowed to visit country houses and cottages, of course, observing all quarantine restrictions. Without a doubt, considering the mountains to be their suburban area, and the tent as a cottage, we went to activate another southern Ural summit. Of course, we did not violate a single point of the quarantine rules: We did not communicate with anyone and did not meet with anyone along the way. And it was 700 km by car and three days of dragging heavy backpacks over rugged terrain, swamps and snow.

The assault camp was set at an altitude of 1200 m, where deep snow still lay among the trees.

Above the forest ended.

R9U/SO-001 pictured above

The GP antenna on position

For an hour and a half there were 80 QSOs on the 30 and 20 m. It was very nice to hear the call signs of old friends, SOTA enthusiasts. The pleasure of working at 14.061 MHz was finally ruined by an anonymous QRM-er.
At 18 MHz it was very quiet, so I returned back to 20 m, but in the SSB range. There I finished my work on air from Mount B. Kumardak. The weather deteriorated, I had to quickly pack up and go down to the assault camp. The tent was rolled up already in the beginning rain.
Then again there was snow, stone placers, swamps and a windbreak.

We spent the night in a small dry meadow. The sun and the rainbow pleased us at the end of the journey.



What a tough expedition Vlad. Well done and thanks for an interesting report and photos. A long way driven and trekked - congratulations on so many QSOs!

Tell me, photo 3. Is that a dry river bed? Unusual to see such large rough stones set like that in th emiddle of a forest. I hope you did not need to walk up it - very hard on the ankles if so.

73 de Phil G4OBK


Great report Vlad, thank you for sharing. I, like @G4OBK, took one look at photo 3 and was just like ‘wow’. Hopefully it was a dry river bed crossing, not an ascent!

Regards, Mark. M0NOM


Impressive, well done. Too bad I missed you an we could not have a caontact.



Awesome expedition. Congratulations :slight_smile:

73 de Paul G4MD


Thanks for the report Vlad,that was a very hard activation, unbelievable the rocky
terrain.Well done. 73 Don G0RQL.


Many thanks for report and QSO Vlad. Do svidania, udachi


Great activation Vlad :+1: particularly your QSO with @JH1MXV !
Many thanks for the 2 QSO :wink:
73 Éric


Phil, I was really glad to hear your signal!
Despite the short duration, this expedition exhausted me. In addition to great physical effort on the route, I was tired of driving a car on mountain roads, sometimes very bad. In addition, I had to gather before the trip late at night, at night. And we could leave the city only early in the morning.
As for the “stone river”, this is a common occurrence in the Urals. The noise of flowing water is heard under the stones. Some stones are the size of a car, but sometimes water forms ice in winter, under which the “stone river” hides. In this expedition we had to go more than one kilometer on these stones. I had to go in the rain. Once I couldn’t keep my balance, slipped and fell. I cut my right arm and body. But it didn’t stop activating the summit. My friend Alex (RA9WPV) rode over these stones like a real mountain goat. True, he is 10 years younger). And unfortunately, he is not QRV.
There is no path to this peak, there is only a direction among the taiga. And most of the other South Ural peaks have no paths.

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See you later Peter!

I am grateful for the wonderful support! The hard way was forgotten in those moments when I heard a lot of signals in the headphones …


Володя, твой рассказ, и, особенно красочные фотографии, производят сильное впечатление!

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Great activation, many thanks for the qso


Thanks to you, Marat & Vlad for sharing your part of paradise.
It was a real fun to QSO you, more than 3600 Kms.
That’s such great QSO.
73 QRO
Roger- F5LKW


Wow, that’s a real SOTA expedition, not these afternoon strolls that we do here… :wink:
And great photos, impressive landscape!