Mountain Cleaners

Hi All

Apologies for the OT.

I feel that as SOTA involves mountains across the World, it would be appropriate to mention my friend’s project.

My friend, Jodie Underhill, founded Mountain Cleaners ( in 2009. Jodie is helping to set up schemes not only to clear rubbish from mountains in India, but also to educate people so that rubbish is not discarded in the first place.

The project has been entered into a competition in order to win financial backing to enable the project to be rolled out over a wider area.
It does not cost anything to vote for the project, Facebook users don’t even have to enter any details, just a click on the ‘vote’ button is all that is needed.

The link here:

Please check out the website for Mountain Cleaners to learn about the project, you will see what a great and noble project it is.

Thank you.