Mountain activation in the DM/BW region

Depending on the WX, our local Radio-Club A18 Furtwangen plans to activate several mountains in the Black Forest (DM/BW region) simultaneously on Saturday, July 16th.

From 08:30 UTC our teams will initially operate on 2m / VHF to give our newcomers who only have a handheld radio a chance.

After that, some teams will also be qrv on KW (different bands and modes).

Members of the Radio-Club P12 Tübingen and other radio friends in the region will also support the campaign and activate their local summits.

Our mountains are DM/BW-001, DM/BW-002, DM/BW-003, DM/BW-008, DM/BW-009, DM/BW-015, DM/BW-046, DM/BW-067, DM/BW-089, DM/BW-284 and DM/BW-531.

Spots are submitted to SOTA.
We look forward to many QSOs.

Best 73 Clemens, DD2TC (A18)


Hello Clemens @DD2TC. Thanks for organizing and planning. Look forward to many QSOs with you :+1:

73 Marcel DM3FAM

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Thanks for organizing this event, Clemens!
We have quite a few newcomers from P12 (Tübingen) and all of them are looking forward to activating their first summit.
We’ll have one team on DM/BW-046 and one on DM/BW-089. The latter also on shortwave.

We’re hoping for many QSOs :slight_smile:
73, Roman


Hi Clemens @DD2TC.

Thanks again for planning and organizing the event :+1: It was really busy and I was able to enter some new calls in the log. I was early on the Feldberg and enjoyed the silence and the sunrise.

Next year it might work out with the barbecue. I hope you all had a nice end of the day at the club station DL0FIS. Thanks also to Roman @DL3TU for the organization on the Farrenberg. I was very happy to reach some of you there on 2m :slight_smile:

Thanks to all who participated - activators and of course the many chasers!

73 Marcel DM3FAM


Great photos, Marcel!
Thanks for sharing. BW-001 looks so peaceful in the first morning light, it’s hard to imagine the crowds just a few hours later…

BTW, thanks for the S2S-QSO - report from BW-089 will follow later.

73, Roman

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Thanks once again Clemens, for organizing this event!
Lots of activity on DM/BW-089 (8 operators) and many summits on the air from the Black Forest and Swabian Jura kept us busy for more than two hours.
The event ended with a barbeque and a visit of five more operators who were active on other summits earlier that day.

Picture below:
View to the north from the lookout-point:

Crowded AZ:

Activator hiding from the sun:

DL3TU starting the fire:

It was lots of fun :slight_smile: We must do this again!
73, Roman


Hello Roman @DL3TU. Thanks for the report and the pictures. You had a great time and the weather was fine. See you again next year at the latest :wave:

73 Marcel DM3FAM

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