Mount Chester VE6/JF-011 (8 points), 3054m, 10,020

Mount Chester belongs to the long Kananaskis Range located just north of
Kananaskis Lakes in the center of Kananaskis Country, a provincial park that
covers over 4,000 square kilometers of foothills and mountains bordering
Banff National Park in the central Canadian Rockies.

Mount Chester was named after a WW I battleship, a common theme
for peaks in this section of Kananaskis. Part of the Kananaskis Range, Mount Chester was named in 1917. The WWI cruiser HMS Chester was severely damaged during the battle of Jutland in 1916. Outnumbered four to one by enemy ships, HMS Chester’s gun crew were all killed during the battle; all but 16 year old Jack Cornwell, who despite being severely wounded, continued to man his post. This eventually allowed the HMS Chester to retire from the battle, saving the lives of many of the crew aboard. Jack succumbed to his wounds two days after the battle. He was awarded the Victoria Cross posthumously.

Mount Chester VE6/JF-011 (8 points), 3054m, 10,020ft, Ascent 3500ft. It is technically a “Moderate” scramble in the Alan Kane Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies (strenuous & steep).
Hot day in the valley, 25degrees Celsius, very little wind on the summit.

No activity on 40m? 8 contacts (2xS2S) on 20m including a rare +3,300km to VE2JCW, viva Québec!

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W4C/CM-068 Bearwallow Mountain, NC

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