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For you chaps that use the Motorways alot go to as this give you up to the minute reports on WX on roads and other things.


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And for those of you who want more than a 404 page then you should try


And there is for those North of the border.


We had a pretty frightening experience last saturday on a daytrip to the Canterbury area.

Imagine trying to drive on the left side of the road which I am not used to and seeing a (british) car coming towards you who was on completely on the wrong side on the road . That was pretty scary!! Luckily we did spot each other in time and could avoid a head on collision.

And that was only at 8 am :).

We got treated with a big thunderstorm in the afternoon and to top it all we got caught in traffic when lots of people went to the Kent/Sussex Cricket game. Loosing almost an hour there I had to cancel my plans to go up on Cheriton Hill.

Don’t think the websites would have helped here though :slight_smile:

But all in all we had a lovely day and spent far too much money on garden plants.


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here is the one for wales and it covers the a55 and m4

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Maybe gw7aav might want to try this,
If he’s going to Birmingham again,

just wondering did anyone take their camera’s…

Steve m0sgb

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just wondering did anyone take their camera’s…

Steve m0sgb

I did but forgot to get it out of bag.

Barry M3PXW