Motorway border crossing F / DL near Mulhouse closed

I assume that some of you are planning the route to the HAM radio.

And maybe you want to do some summits in the Vosges on the way there.

Please note that the motorway bridge over the Rhine from Mulhouse to Germany is closed on both sides. The closure officially lasts until the morning of June 28th. Personally, I think it will last longer.

The diversion is long and very crowded.

The main direction of travel is east/south in the morning and towards France in the evening. Nevertheless, there are long traffic jams at all times.

Maybe this will help you with your planning.

73 Armin


Thanks, myself and Paul would have driven straight into this if you hadn’t posted about it !

My recommendation would be to plan the activations so that you can travel from Colmar to Germany via Breisach in the afternoon/evening.

Few km before the border there is a supermarket on the left (Intermarchee?) where you can stock up on wine, baguettes, cheese and pies… :wink:

73 Armin

I think I have been there some years back!

I have been looking at routes as we will stay about 20km South of Mulhouse on Wednesday. I see you can cross into Germany from France near Basel-Mulhouse airport. I don’t expect there will be much traffic in Basel trying to cross the Rhine in the morning :rofl:

Or we just drive up and suffer the delays and traffic around Colmar. :frowning:

Being positive, if our car has a vignette (always a possibility) then well go South and via Switzerland. We could always just buy one anyway, only CHF40.

Most of the jobs are in Basel… and everyone goes there in the morning - but at the weekend it’s OK!

If you’re early… then you can activate FL/VO-167 instead of sitting in a traffic jam

73 Armin